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Recommend (even DIY) narrow multi tier stand for Arturias?
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Author Recommend (even DIY) narrow multi tier stand for Arturias?
Digital Larry
I have a fairly compact music space which includes all my modular synth stuff in a vertical 19" rack (somewhat suboptimal) and guitar and bass amplifiers. PC is in a corner desk type setup. Anyway I am thinking of rearranging and want to put my BeatStep Pro and Keystep onto a narrow multl-tier stand accessible while I am sitting down. I also have an old MIDIMAN Octave or whatever it is called, similarly less than 18" wide. So that would be 3 tiers total. It doesn't have to fold up or be gig-able.

I spent some time last night scouring Quik-Lock, Amazon, Sweetwater, etc. but it looks like most keyboard stands, never mind multi-tier, are designed to hold something about 3 feet wide minimum. The Quik-Lock 930 has two tiers and looks like it would be OK holding narrower things, but it's also $200.

I have an x-brace folding stand with a shelf plank on top and the Keystep is there but it's far away from the modular which is where it wants to plug in its funny little CV/gate cables. So I haven't been using the Keystep at all.
I'm not that interested in using MIDI here. If I fold the x-brace to be narrow enough for the other space, it's too high up.

I'm sure I can make something out of PVC and other things from the hardware store but I'm inclined to follow a DIY project for quicker results if no such is available commercially. Also my kids could help me with a DIY project which would be fun.

Any ideas/experiences?

Thx and happy new year!
Digital Larry
Hmmm. Wrong forum area? Anyway I wound up ordering a

On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand with 2nd Tier

which supposedly can get down to 21 inches wide, which is about just right.
Jaspers makes an excellent narrow keyboard stand. It's hundreds of dollars though.
I went with a couple of angled metal shelves from Ikea. They are just wide enough for a drum machine or small synth.
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