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What synth is the main twisty/bassline here? Aphex Twin
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Author What synth is the main twisty/bassline here? Aphex Twin
Bath House
I'm trying to figure this one out of our sheer curiosity.

Original track - bassline (actually two interlocking lines - one high, one low) begins at 33 seconds

There's also the demo/earlier version here:

Official gear list:
XMAS_EVET10 (thanaton3 mix) - Basement &

AKG Contact Mics Allen Organ Spring Reverb ARP 2500 Bode Vocoder Chandler Delay Black Chandler Zoner Limiter EML 101. Modded EMS 2000 Vocoder EMT 140 Plate/Stereo/Tube EMT 240 Gold Foil EMT 258 x4 Filters Eventide DSP4000 Fulltone Tape Echo HAT Mechanical Drums JH Tau Phaser Korg PS3300 x3 Lexicon 480L Lynx Aurora 16 Marion PROSynth x2 Meinl Water UDU Midimoogs x2 Moog Memory Lintronics Mum&Dad Vocals Neotek Elite 64 Channel Custom Oberheim OBX, racked Oberheim Modular SEMs, racked Pearl Syncussion, racked/midi/mod x4 Plugins, various Roland D550 Roland MKS70 Roland R8/R8M Sci Prophet VS Sci Prophet5, racked/keyboard Sound Devices 722 SPL TD4 SSL X desk Studio Electronics Code8 Full Synton Syntovox 221 x2 TC1210 Tongue Drums Valley People Gain Brains Valley People Kepex x10 Wildlife Yamaha EX42 Yamaha FS1R Zither AFX-scale
For the high part, my guess would be a monosynth similar to the monologue. I don't know how to embed youtube videos, but check korg funk 5, I think most of it was done on the korg monologue and there is a somewhat similar sound at the beginning of korg funk 5. Including lots of pitch bends.

For the low part, mmm more difficult... I would say a square/pulse type wave into an acidic filter. The cutoff of the filter being modulated by another osc maybe two or three octave higher than the baseline note. And lots of pitch bends or porta thingy. But it's just a guess...

I also think the track is not chromatically tuned (microtune), adding to the alien vibe coming from it.
That's about incredibly long gear list for one track!
Imagine how much it would cost to accurately reproduce it MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Impossible to know really but my bet is in Code 8.
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