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Solderless Pot connectors?
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Author Solderless Pot connectors?
I have a project in mind with a large number of panel mounted pots. A large enough number, that I am not thrilled about hard wiring the connections.

For this, I was looking around for some sort of 3 pin socket molex type connector (preferably with breadboard socket pins on the other side) for solderless attachment, but the pot lugs are 5mm spaced and I don't see any molex with that spacing...surely though, someone has done this?
You should be able to just use a 4, 5, 6, or whatever number of pins connector to span the distance needed? The long wires on the pots will bend a little as well to span uneven distances. What pots are you using, can you post a picture?
Like John says, use a 5-position .1" spaced connector and only use the 1st, 3rd, and 5th slots. The classic white Molex connectors with the crimp on connectors should work fine with that spacing.

Something like this - 52bGHln7q6pm0R%252bIqgWC%252bQxm8TNYYZSfUU%3d
Most likely option is to design a PCB for the pots and whatever board to board connection works for you. That brings it's own labour and expense too of course.

I use a Molex 2.54mm connector on the board and solder the pots. One point in favour of hand wiring pots is that they are relatively high impedance, so more prone to crosstalk than typical I/O connectors and benefit from the physical separation.
I think slow_riot's idea is better, personally. That way you won't have 7000 wires and all that crimping, and more pot choices. Just run everything to a huge ribbon cable and run that to your main board. Done and done.
sorry if I dont understand you correctly, you want to solder connectors to wires and use these to connect to pots? Why..?
1st: you have to solder anyway
2nd: soldering is the most secure way for a low impedance connection, and far more reliable than using a connector that wasn’t designed for that purpose to begin with...
seriously, i just don't get it
JohnLRice & erstatzplanet: that sound you hear in the distance is me slapping my forehead. Of course a 5 pin 1mm spaced connector will work. Thanks.
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