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RF modulation for old TVs?
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Author RF modulation for old TVs?
I want to hook up an RF modulator to my vidiot so I can output to a 1970s black and white (5” Panasonic) TV. If the TV works (it should), is there any issue I might face? Any RF modulator? Only the old flat antenna inputs on the back.
Well, I bought the TV so we will find out!!!!
from RCA to RF :works. I used to do this (with my vj setup), back in the days.
There were these "game console to TV " converters.

show us a picture / video if you get it working!
Used to use an RF modulator with my VIC-20, which by coincidence is operating again.
Bought a Cimple & co rf modulator from amazon plus an adapter for the 300ohm terminals on the set back. Found a coax cable in the basement and it worked fine. Image is from a Micca Speck media player.
retro chique!
Dang that is rad as hell!
For a Blade Runner viewing party of all things. Wanted to have a few cheap props and figured I could repurpose this. Too bad the battery is gone although there is a 12V input so it would be easy enough to make portable again.

This thing really seems like it should be brought out to the beach or a mountain top along with a case of beer and a ton of reefer to watch a ball game in the 70s.
OMG. That’s exactly the Panasonic portable TV my parents had when I was a kid for us to get the news when the electricity was out. I didn’t think I’d ever see one again!
Plenty on eBay!
This worked fine.

THE CIMPLE CO - RCA/Composite A/V to RF/Coax/Coaxial Converter - RF Modulator - Converts Signals from Xbox/PS4/PS3/PC/Laptop/TV/STB/VHS/VCR/Camera/DVD/Blu-ray Player to NTSC TV/V
I used to have a pair of these Sinclair portable TVs until someone stole them. I loved them. smaller than a VHS cassette with a 1" screen. Picked up everything in all TV formats and bands. Built in rechargeable batteries.

After the Sinclairs were stolen, I got a Panasonic TR-555 with a larger screen. I took it apart and painted the olive green bits bright flat white. It looked like a piece of NASA gear. I would strap it on the back deck of my bicycle and watch TV at night by the local lake/park.

Later I got the side scanning Sony potable when it came out. All of these wouldn't work today because of the change to digital, and now I can't stand broadcast TV anyway because of the commercials. If somebody made a SDcard based portable DVR with a screen, maybe, but it still would be a stretch.
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