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Aphex Dominator Sound and differences between models ?
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Author Aphex Dominator Sound and differences between models ?
Hi !

I'm looking for an analog limiter as the last analog processor on my master chain, the Aphex Dominator seems to be a good one, and not that expensive.

The problem is that I don't find any audio demos on the net, so it is pretty hard to be sure. I'm looking for a strong, compact sound without pumping.

Anyone here have one of them to talk about it ?

I'm also curious about the sonic differences between the 700, 720 II & 722 II
722 ii is the droid you are looking for R2D2 I believe it's the broadcasting model which has faster attack/decay times.

Sonically I'd say the Dominators are not transparent like modern plugins. The transients are smothered if u run the signal hot and a little bit of hi freq is shaved off the mix for headroom. A small price to pay if you wanna rage a PA w/o blowing the system.

They go for peanuts nowadays compared to what they were new ($1000+)
Michael O.
What are you looking to get from the limiter? Hard peak limiting, or more of an average/rms leveling sort of effect? The dominator series does excellent peak limiting, but don’t discount the Compellor (I’ve mostly used the original 300) for relatively transparent leveling duties.
I have a pair of Aphex Dominator 722 II, one for a spare (thats hardly ever been used). They are very well made and exceptional when it comes to processing in the analogue domain, I haven't heard anything analogue any where near as transparent, but yeah modern digital stuff either as a plugin or a rack unit has surpassed it.

The only problem I have ever had is a dry joint on one of the pin connectors, which once cleaned/lubed has never been a problem again. They do generate a fair bit of heat, the aluminum enclosure does a good job of dissipating it. Something worth keeping in mind, if you buy one from an old radio station as they might have been racked and left switched on for years (capacitor degradation).

I use mine mainly as a a way to boost the level and at the same time peak limiter for speaker protection in a 7500W RMS Soundsystem.

One of the best things about the 722 II is it's very easy to quickly dial in a level and to adjust during a party using the LED bar lights.

I am not sure that "analogue" has the same kind of meaning when using it as a peak limiter though... seriously, i just don't get it
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