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siddrax 'boundary conditions glitch." ie green jacks.
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Author siddrax 'boundary conditions glitch." ie green jacks.
I'm working through the various patching options with the Sidrax and patching it with itself and also with the plumbutter. going to try with the doc as well. What I came across in the discripitption though is this -''Two green jacks, that are "glitch" inputs. They cause the boundary conditions of each oscillator to wire to the output of another. A modulation inspired by circuit bending.''

googles boundary conditions for oscillators but came up with a lot of psychics and mathematics .

can some one explain the mechanics of this a bit. I 'l also noticed that some of the IFM modules also use the boundary conditions. Apologies if this is a basic question.

If any one can provide me with an 'idiots guide' to what this is about that would be much appreciated.
Richard put a good rundown HERE

Basically i think the top and bottom of triangle waveform is bounded by some input.
that's really useful thank you. don't quite understand it all but get the gist.
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