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ESX-8CV Combiner with multiple THRU pairs (ie merger)?
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Author ESX-8CV Combiner with multiple THRU pairs (ie merger)?
Would it be possible to create a sort of “merger” plugin that could be used specifically for merging multiple ESX-4/8CV Combiners such that each Combiner routed thru this Merger would be capable of accessing all 8 inputs and 8 outputs, without having to rely on using 2 inputs of another Combiner, tying up 2 outputs of an ESX-8CV expander.

THRU 1/2: ESX-8CV Controller #1 1-8 outputs
THRU 3/4: ESX-8CV Controller #2 1-8
THRU 5/6: ESX-8CV Controller #3 1-8
THRU 7:8: ES-5 Controller or whatever else.

I’ve been pouring over damn near every thread in this forum trying to understand the routing that would eventually be used to connect to the piggybacked channels 7/8 of an ES-3 via an ES-5. I assume that this “merged” stereo signal would then be routed to channel 7/8 of the ADAT out to the ES-3 (also assume this is a similar case for the ES-8)?

I could see, in theory, taking the 1/2 output of this “merger” plugin and routing them to one of the thru pairs of another “merger,” which would allow you to access the full 48 outputs of six ESX-8CV’s attached to an ES-3/8.

Is this a crazy idea to help those of us who have DAW’s that limit plugins to 8 inputs?
It would be preferably to persuade your DAW manufacturer to leap into the 21st century and not impose arbitrary limits on plug-in inputs.

Ableton finally managed it in Live 10.
I’ve already sent in the request to Propellerheads.

In my current setup, I’m 99% positive I’ve found a workaround to using all 8 outputs of a pair of ESX-8CV’s, but they have to be on separate sets of ES/5 header pairs (one of 1/2/3 and the other on 4/5/6).
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