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Mutron Biphase Clone - Fabric Astronaut
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Author Mutron Biphase Clone - Fabric Astronaut
Wanted one ever since I was a teenager and shaved my head to look more like Billy Corgan and watched Vieuphoria over and over and over...

... though I'll admit its Lee Scratch Perry who has maintained my interest in it in the following decade and a bit.

I don't like wires. This has no wires. The unit is comprised of 3 main PCBs, an I/O plus power supply PCB, a modulation generator PCB and finally an audio PCB. The two footswitches have small breakout boards. Each PCB is linked together by 3 IDC ribbon cables.

Its designed to be dropped into a Hammond 515-0920 enclosure so the overall dimensions are 150mm x 150mm, the case slopes from roughly 55mm at the back to 30mm at the front . I'm going to drill out my prototype enclosure by hand, but if there is interest I suppose I will chat to Hammond about getting the enclosures punched and silkscreened for the project and assess whether it is reasonable financially. Panel design is upcoming, but I can say for damn sure it won't have anything to do with the original. My last project looked like, so probably a good jumping off point for this one. Front panel components are spaced on a 1" grid (a la Serge, my format of choice).

Its a direct clone of the original with only small changes for practicality. Differences are:

-Internal LM317/LM337 based power supply using an AC plugpack - no mains wiring.
-Effect bypass is achieved using relays rather than the opto based system in the original.
-The rotary switches are On-On-On toggle switches, no difference in functionality they are just smaller.
-Expression pedal input has a 5V source for pedals which is internally jumperable to just accept a basic 0-5V CV input without putting the 5V out on the ring.
-External footswitches in the original have been built in.

At this stage I've ordered the boards and will build and test once they arrive. Here are some of the docs I've assembled so far and a few renders for salivation.

Not much in the BOM you can't buy from mouser other than the LDR which I'm looking into. I have a lead on some appropriate looking units locally and will be able to purchase a large stock and include them if they are spot on.

I have a small light shield that will be 3D printed for isolation between the two channels.

If all goes well I'm planning to sell boards for this. No idea on cost, no idea on time.

Sweet! Looks nice. Such a labor of love.
Reality Checkpoint
Very interesting. I shall be watching this project.
Reality Checkpoint wrote:
Very interesting. I shall be watching this project.

Me too.

The other bi-phase thread is also interesting but this appears slicker to me so far.
You got a big YES from me!
Very cool!

BTW your finished monosynth looks bitchin'. ! SlayerBadger!
Following closely. In love with the Mu-tron Bi-phase sound.
thumbs up
Yes, do want this!
Yes Please!!! applause
Looks great. What software did you design this in?
Incredible work! I'll grab a pcb set when it is available!
Looks fantastic! I'm definitely interested & look forward to seeing where this goes...
WOW thumbs up
cackland wrote:
Looks great. What software did you design this in?

Fusion 360, the enclosure model is simply from Hammond's website and most of models of pots/switches were up on
devinw1 wrote:
Very cool!

BTW your finished monosynth looks bitchin'. ! SlayerBadger!

Thanks! So is yours!
That is one dense board. Enclosure renderings look great. Subscribing to the thread for updates.
You're a gem, FA; this looks rad!

One of the first diy-projects I built was a quad biphase using pcb`s from this site:

Turned out to be a bit of an undertaking for a newb, the pcb`s being without silkscreen and all instructions in french lol

Well, I learned french, and own a fully working quadriphase Rockin' Banana!
The bi-phase was on the Kraftwerk kit list - Would this be the phasing sound they used on their drums especially to give that always retriggering the phaser cycle at the place with each hit effect?

Great project, I am feeling extremely tempted!

Reality Checkpoint
It's alive!!!!

Wonderful stuff.
Wow we're not worthy
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