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debugging Human Comparator SY-1
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Author debugging Human Comparator SY-1
Hi I just finished an SY-1 build. Everything seems to be working except the VCAs seem to hang open, the envelope isn't closing either of them. Also the output from both channels seems low. I have identical problem on both channels so wonder if maybe it is not a wrong part (colleague order the parts...i had a bunch leftover so I suspect he may have used an old BOM). Any tips on where to look would be appreciated.
I'd suggest looking & posting in the build thread:

I'm not sure if the current run is different than the original run, so make sure to mention which you have.
Your symptoms sound a bit like what happens when the power supply isn't working properly on the new version.

The solution there was to rework the power circuitry a little, undoing a "fix" that was introduced in this version.

If you haven't done that already, maybe it's worth a try.
Please use the build thread instead of creating separate threads -
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