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Sequencing from laptop
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Author Sequencing from laptop
Hi all,

I’d like to sequence my modular using Max on my laptop so am currently looking at Expert Sleepers modules. I figured an Es-3 would be perfect as I already multitrack in to the laptop to record using a Soundcraft MTK 12 (which has a built in audio interface), hence don’t need an Es-8.

My problem is that my mixer doesn’t have an ADAT out. If I use a different audio interface with adat out then I won’t be able to use my MTK 12 to track in and output to the master in Live.

My question then, is how can I sequence from Max if I’m using an audio interface without an ADAT or midi out etc for both my inputs and outputs? Do I need to buy another audio interface with ADAT out and then monitor the master from that interface?

Is there another product which solves this problem?

Sorry if I’m being dim!
You mentioned you don't have midi outs either but would outputting midi from Max be fine (I have zero experience with Max myself)? I'm using Expert Sleepers FH-2 with my Digitakt, it connects via usb so you could just hook it up straight to your computer like you would with an ES-8, but unlike ES-8 it is just a midi to cv/gate interface and carries no actual cv or audio in either direction. Quite a lot cheaper than ES-8, though. I haven't used it with computer but I'd guess it just shows as usb-midi device on your computer like separate midi interface, which it is, would.
if you want to use cv to/from max then get the ES8

if you just want to use midi from max then get the FH2

both connect via usb

both are class compliant so they should just plug and play - MaxOS and Win10 at least as far as I know
Cheers for the responses! I’ll look into fh2 as I have a digitakt too. If I used Es-8, wouldn’t I need to use that as my selected audio interface output on Live to then send cv’s?
macOS and win10 both allow you to use multiple soundcards at once
You can use something like this:

btw I don't see why you can't use more than one interface with ableton.
The ES-8 option is great. There are a number of great Max4Live devices for download from the forum allowing you to control the modular from Live.
If your soundcard already support "DC coupling" you do not need to buy ES-8 or similar. There's a list on Expert Sleepers homepage what soundcards support that ( )

Personally I'm interacting with my rack this way and it works really well. Using Motu Ultralite mk3. To simplify things I usually use a Max device called "TriggerTailor" ( to sync it all up controlling my Pamelas New workout. Made a tweak to the Trigger tailor allowing me to control the "Run" input to Pamela, so when I stop Ableton, Pamela also stops. For CV control I usually use Expert Sleepers "SilentWay" - It's really powerful, but I would not call it userfriendly.

Have fun..
Most of the fun in modular (for me anyway) is in the sequencing. Why deprive yourself of this pleasure by programming it with deterministic 1s and 0s in your computer, when you could be joyfully doing it with unpredictable circuit flow instead?
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