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Video tutorials on drum synthesis?
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Author Video tutorials on drum synthesis?
Hi people,
I just did my first foray into analogue drum synthesis (for a while) following the video tutorials done by Wave alchemy for the ms20 mini (on youtube). I was pretty pleased with the results I got so I was hoping to delve a little deeper, either doing more stuff on my MS20 or using one of my other synths:
Moog voyager RME (without the expander module) and SE 02.
I have various outboard effects...
I'm not into using software.
I did do a bit of a search on Muffwiggler but didn't find anything.
Anyone know of any other good tutorial materials online?
Or infact any tips in general?

thanks in advance!
Sound on Sound series Synth Secrets (Link) covers a lot of ground - including a bunch of percussive instruments. Not only the basic drumkit, but orchestral percussion and more esoteric things as well, such as Timpani and Bells.
thanks. Looks interesting. I will check out in more detail later cool
Tobi Neumann - How to create an analog kick drum with modular

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