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Buchla 110 (VC Gate) and 180 (AD Generator) PCBs available
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Author Buchla 110 (VC Gate) and 180 (AD Generator) PCBs available
DIY PCBs for the dual 110 VC Gate, and dual 180 AD Generator, based on the original Buchal schematics, are now in stock and available for purchase at These are both dual boards, so you only need one PCB to build the standard dual configuration. FPD files for panels are also available on the site for download.

As per my website: "All PCBs are provided on an as-is basis for personal use only. Only PCBs are supplied; additional parts and assembly are required. These are minimally supported projects meant for experienced DIYers; you need to be able to read schematics, source parts, stuff and solder the boards, wire off-board components, troubleshoot, and figure out the mechanical aspects such as front panels and housing."
I noticed these on your site the other day & thought I missed the announcement!

They look nice - I may grab a couple to eventually make a single panel portable 100-ish system...
It's been a minute, but realized I never posted pics of these builds... so, see below.

I also made some updates to the ever-growing Historical Buchla pages, with descriptions, pictures, and links to as much documentation as I can find about Buchla 100 and 200 series modules. If you have info to add, please send it along.

110 Dual VC Gate:

180 Dual Attack/Decay Generator:

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