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Pre-populated boards for sale
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Author Pre-populated boards for sale
I have some excess stock I'd like to sell. These are pre-populated circuit boards that have been built by me and used to test the designs and used in my modular. They don't include the socket boards - just what you see in the pictures. All pots have 6.25mm (1/4") solid shafts. Shipping costs are as usual, 5GBP for UK and 9GBP for elsewhere. You can, of course, add these to any PCB order. If interested then please get in touch via the usual e-mail.

COTA issue 2 - the current issue with silver mica filter capacitors. Built in 2012. Brand new pots fitted yesterday. Price is 65GBP.

VCO issue 6 - the previous issue. Includes pot board. Built in 2014. Price is 85GBP.

ADSR Upgrade issue 2 - current issue. Built in 2018. Price is 55GBP.

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