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This is how you wire a Euro cabinet
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Author This is how you wire a Euro cabinet
If you're "serious" anyway. Courtesy of Neil Parfitt, posted on various Facebook areas.
I finished installing Genus Modu LIBBS from John Loffink in my second of two cases (made by David Solursh of Art for the Ears).
40 in all (20 per case), running from a single power source of Acopian Rackmounts. The system clocks in at around 3950HP and is just about fully populated. I haven’t finishing putting in all the utilities like mults, attenuverters etc but that wouldn’t impact my test anyway. There’s also a side 6U rack with midi to CV / expert sleepers stuff for daw control.
Approx 21amps of +12, 15 of -12 and 1ish of 5.
Anyway, with the 2nd case up and the system wide open... no audible blips, module or high freq noises of any kind. Before it was Like a sizzle glitch fest. Unreal!!
Chain is: performance mixer db25 out to a Ferrofish a32 about 15 feet away and the rest is digital to Protools.
Cleanest euro I’ve ever heard.
If you have a medium or larger system.. these boards are absolutely worth the money.
And also a plug to WMD for the DB25 expander. Full mix + all pre fader channels can be recorded to my DAW simultaneously with no outside mixer or change in workflow.

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