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Disting MK4 MIDI Expander vs. Select Bus Breakout
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Author Disting MK4 MIDI Expander vs. Select Bus Breakout
Recently I've been looking at the MK4 MIDI Expander kit on the Thonk website, however it is currently listed as out of stock.
When I checked the page today I noticed a second module by Expert Sleepers with a similar front panel, "Select Bus Breakout". Looking at the build documents, clearly this module has a more involved circuit board.
I'm not really clear on the purpose of the "select bus" - can somebody please explain the difference between these modules?
The MIDI breakout kit should be back in stock any day now.

Description of the select bus kit here:

If you explain what you'd like to do with MIDI, I can recommend which is best for you.
Thanks for the update os, I just wasn't sure if it was going to be a long wait or a discontinued accessory. I don't anticipate having much need for recalling presets, apart from the MK4 I have no plans involving any of the other listed modules.

I'm still learning the basics with the MK4, I'm keen to learn more about what I can to with it in terms of MIDI<>CV (and also CC??). I'm particularly interested in expanding my ability to send CV-like signals both ways between software like VCV Rack on PC and my modular hardware. One day I hope to pick up an ES-8, but in the meantime I can get similar functionality (with less ins+outs) with my Roland Bitrazer.
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