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Semi-Modular Question
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Author Semi-Modular Question
There isn't a forum per se for semi-modular synths.... But I know all you folk are super knowledgeable and could help me.

I'm interested in what semi-modular synths may offer 3-4 routable envelopes (either via a matrix or patching). My pref would be that it also has at least 2 LFOs, but that isn't a requirement. I'm interested in routing an envelope to the rate of an LFO (while not sacrificing ones to the VCA and the VCF) and maybe having an additional one to route to something else....

Just curious what is on the market. I haven't gone to full modular yet, so I'd really like to know what exists in the semi-modular realm.
something like this maybe?
Ants is probably the only one.

Most will likely have 2 envelopes and one is likely to be AD instead of full ADSR.

If you need 3-4 envelopes modular is the way to go.
Thanks folk... - I have Ants! (Great synth BTW) It was my first foray into this world.

It only has two envelopes (ADR and ASR). Was hoping there was one with at least a third.
Dave Peck
If you really want to stick with using semi-modulars and you really need four EGs and multiple LFOs that include rate mod inputs (or VCOs that can work as VC LFOs), you may need to get a second semi-modular and start patching them together. Maybe a Neutron?
That's a good idea... Bet the Neutron would make a perfect choice... Not expensive and lots of patch points.
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