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ADAT into Reaktor (as a plugin within Cubase 9.5)
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Author ADAT into Reaktor (as a plugin within Cubase 9.5)
I've been trying to find a more streamlined and easier way of routing my Expert sleepers ES3 and ES6 via ADAT (through a MOTU Traveler) in to Reaktor as a plugin within Cubase 9.5 on a Windows PC.

The only source i can find is this one from 2010. It uses Silent Way which I don't use or need and mentions you have to setup a 5.1 group to get Reaktor to recognise the ins/outs.

expert Sleepers silent Way

It's painful to watch and is cumbersome to get it all working. Nevertheless, it does work but seems strange Native Instruments or Cubase has not provided a more up to date method. Surely there must be an easier way 9 years on.

Has anybody else come up with a better way?
A better way? How about not using Cubase? Using my ES-3 & expanders was more important that what DAW I was using, so I decided to dump Cubase in favor of something else. I almost went to Ableton, but thankfully Reason made VST’s available, and the Silent Way plugins work FANTASTIC in that freely routable environment.

/rant over

So... what exactly are you trying to do? I’m fairly certain you will only get, at best, 4 inputs to Reaktor because Cubase is rather limiting on how you can route audio to VST inputs.
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