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FH-2's firmware update issue
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Author FH-2's firmware update issue
Hi Os,
I've followed the instructions on the manual, downloaded the file, unziped it on a FAT32 (and a FAT16) USB flash drive, inserted it into the FH-2's USB A socket.
Message is “Attempting to mount drive...”

I tried all this several time, changed the UDB drive, re-formated it and I always get the same message.

Can you help me please ?
thx ^_^
Sounds like it's not actually FAT32. What are you using to format it?

What capacity is the USB drive?
I'm using built in mac app - Disk Utility
8Gb flash drive

I also tried to simply connect a USB Keyboard (novation mininova) and also an Apple AZERTY keyboard, and no "A" activity indicators appears...
However, the mininova is well powered by the USB A port of the FH-2.

Could it be a hardware problem ?
New Test.
When I connect the Elektron-TM1 USB-MIDI interface to the USB A port, the FH-2 show the "A" indicator and receive well MIDI informations.
OK, so the port works.

Are you absolutely sure you're choosing FAT32 in Disk Utility? Can I see a screenshot?
Of course. Here it is.
Looks OK. Can I see what options you choose in Disk Utility?

You might need to choose Master Boot Record too.

You're a boss we're not worthy
It was that. The option was not available since I had to select "show all devices" in disc utility.
FH-2 is now updated !
And the brand new FHX-8CV is connected and is working as a charm.

Thanks a lot thumbs up
By the way,
I manage to connect the FH-2 to the MIDI in/out ports of the Intellijel 7U case. It works great.
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