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RS4511150K group buy (usa)
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Author RS4511150K group buy (usa)
These are the sliders used in a lot of Buchla-format modules and I happen to need a handful.

Newark here in the US has these sliders back-ordered until June but I can get them from Farnell in the UK by late February (if they're back-order availability date is accurate). Big price break is at 50 pieces and I only need 32 for my second Marf. Anybody else in need?

Price breakdown is as follows:

1-49 pieces: $3.80
50-100 pieces: $1.85
100-250 pieces: $1.70

It's cheaper to order 50 even if I don't need that many so I'll do that but if anybody else is building a thing that requires these sliders it'd make more sense.

Shipping from the UK to here is $25.00 according to Farnell. Domestic shipping from me to you would be around 10 bucks.

PM me if you're interested.

- Jim
We're over 100 now so looks like the final price per slider will be $1.70. I'm gonna give it another week or so and then go ahead and order.
Thanks for setting this up. However, in the future, please select one sub-forum for your post. Duplicate threads are greatly discouraged. I’ve deleted the other.

All is good. It's peanut butter jelly time!
My bad. I was on the fence as to which sub-forum was most appropriate...

- Jim
Last call bump. I'm going to put the order in Feb. 1st. Prior to that I'll be contacting those of you who have expressed interest to confirm quantities.

- Jim
Are you game to ship to canada?
Ok, so now it looks like we're over 250 so the price per piece will come down a bit more. Below are the folks signed up. I'm going to put the order in over the weekend. Please let me know if the below information is not correct:

djs - 10
keninverse - 40
msprigings - 100
dksynth - 50
jtregoat - 25
me - 38
Looks good to me
Order has been placed and group buy is closed.
PMs sent but posting this here just for redundancy's sake (or if you're not getting pm notifications like me):

Sliders are here, boxed up and ready to ship out. Please give me your mailing address and I'll finalize everybody's invoice and send that via PayPal. Please pay via friends and family. I have daily UPS pickup here at my work so I was planning on shipping that way for those of you in the states. If you would prefer USPS lemme know.

- Jim
Hey Jim,

USPS for me if possible, I get hosed by UPS for imports more often than not.

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