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AIR Filter Gate plugin as a module
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Author AIR Filter Gate plugin as a module
So, I've only just entered the world of modular, still finding my way with things.

One plugin that I always find myself going to is the AIR Filter Gate. Since getting into modular it kinda makes sense now why I love it so much.

Just wondering if there's any modules out there that are similar to this with it's signal processing and functionality/layout. As an all in one module.

The gate has attack, hold and release dials, and a dropdown list of preset rhythmic patterns that the gate will follow
The filter can be LP, HP, BP or Phaser. with dials for cutoff and resonance.
And an LFO that modulates the cutoff frequency.
You can change the rate of the LFO in steps, and has a random option.

There's a brief write up on it in the link below to get a better picture

If there isn't something out there like this, some one should make it. It's lots of fun to play with.
Please and thank you.
I don't know of any one module which does all of that. However, you can break down the individual functions of that plug-in into about 5 different modules, with which you would likely have a lot more flexibility than the plug-in itself provides.
You would need:
1x VCA
1x State Variable VCF
1x Trigger sequencer
1x AR envelope
1x clockable LFO

I generally prefer the modular approach, to having an all-in-one module like what you described.
Yeah, figured as much. Just bought my first case to go with my 0-coast and Digitakt, and it's only a baby one, so weighing up my options with the space that I have. Thanks for the list though man, appreciate it.
There are a few pedals that can do the VCF/VCA with Envelope and LFO. Some like the Frostwave Resonator or Waldorf Miniworks have not been produced in a long time. Probably because of modular synths becoming widely available.

WMD makes a pedal that does this, the Prostar

You could combine that with your Digitakt and 0-coast. I dont even think you would need a MIDI to CV interface, although that combined with the Digitakt MIDI tracks would open up a lot of the same possibility as what is dicussed in your link.
Sweet! thanks man.
You might also want to look at the:
Analog Filter / 10 Step Sequencer ncer

discontinued but still available on the used market.
In fact, I think somebody was selling one on here?
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