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DIY 3.5mm TRS MIDI breakout for Expert Sleepers
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Author DIY 3.5mm TRS MIDI breakout for Expert Sleepers
Homemade Hackā„¢
Quad Midi Jacks module

Disting Mk4 cabled to two of the Quad MIDI Jacks

I have two Expert Sleepers modules that have MIDI headers. I read a suggestion from Os that a homemade breakout module would be straightforward to build.

I wanted to keep it small, so I used 3.5mm TRS connectors instead of 5-pin MIDI connectors. My homemade module has four jacks in 1U x 8hp.

It turns out there is a standard for 3.5mm TRS MIDI, but the standard didn't happen until after several different companies had several different pin-outs. I chose what I believe is the MMA standard, with MIDI pin 5 to tip, and MIDI pin 4 to ring. Korg and others use this wiring.

Each General CV and Disting Mk4 module has one four-pin MIDI header:
    - Header pin 1 is MIDI out pin 4 (Quad MIDI Jacks gray wire to TRS out ring)
    - Header pin 2 is MIDI out pin 5 (Quad MIDI Jacks blue wire to TRS out tip)
    - Header pin 3 is MIDI in pin 5 (Quad MIDI Jacks yellow wire to TRS in tip)
    - Header pin 4 is MIDI in pin 4 (Quad MIDI Jacks red wire to TRS in ring)

Parts list:
    - Intellijel 1U x 8hp blank cover
    - Tensility 54-00081 panel-mount female 3.5mm TRS jack, solder connectors (qty 4)
    - Samtec IDSD-04-D-10.00 eight-conductor ribbon cable with 4x2 header, 10" (25 cm) long (qty 2)
    - Rapco Horizon MIDI-MINI 3.5mm TRS to 5-pin MIDI cable, 15' (4.5m) long
    - Rapco Horizon MIDI-MINI-6 3.5mm TRS to 5-pin MIDI cable, 6' (1.8m) long

I also made an Arturia-to-MMA cable that handles the 3.5mm TS (not TRS) wiring on my Beatstep. Standards are wonderful things...

MIDI header on General CV

Rapco Horizon TRS-to-MIDI cable
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