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Jexus unleashes his Patches as Donationware!
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Author Jexus unleashes his Patches as Donationware!

You probably know who he is, but if you don't

YOUtube :

Official site :

and new today, part one of a backstory on the man from youtuber Noir et Blanc Vie

I'm sure many of you will be happy to finally see just what he did to get those sounds!
Mind Flayer
I’ve never heard of this Jexus fellow, but his band’s youtube videos look interesting!
Jexus=Jesus I.e. God! Watched all his videos when I entered the world of synths
Wow, thanks for bringing those good news to us !
Jexus demos were dope hihi
eek! eek! eek!

He was my first subscription ever.... So long ago... I miss his cool videos...
This is a golden gift. He's a brilliant synth programmer and his videos were crazily good!
Ooh, I loved his videos back in the day. Great patches. we're not worthy
this is really cool. we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy
Rex Coil 7
darcmorcel wrote:
Jexus demos were dope hihi

sleepgardens wrote:
This is a golden gift. He's a brilliant synth programmer and his videos were crazily good!

lisa wrote:
Ooh, I loved his videos back in the day. Great patches. we're not worthy
3 "NO SHIT!"s awarded here. Great sounds .... and even better keyboard skills. One of the better players on Tou Yube in any era.
Rex Coil 7
HA! Just watched the "Part 1" video.

I KNEW IT! When I first started watching videos produced by Jexus, I showed them to my wife (she's also a synth head). I told her then "this guy is a cold war kid, I'll bet he grew up in Eastern Bloc Europe somewhere".

Nailed it.

I served in the US Military during (what some consider to be) the peak of the Cold War between Soviet Russia and the USA. (Side Note: Young folks think today is "dangerous" ... they have no clue what "dangerous" is until you've lived with over forty thousand nuclear weapons on the planet ... old school nukes at that ... "city killers" as they were known with explosive yields exceeding 20 Megatons ... and phrases such as "the Europe Theater" made you shiver in your shoes. ... I wish I could say how many times the TITAN II ICBM missle silos went on "full alert status", but I'd get into trouble if I did ... I will say this, there were months we went on alert over ten times). I met and befriended many Euro kids (I say "kids" now, but I mean other people that were my age ... I mean, I was just a "kid" then myself). Some were refugees from East Germany, Poland, and what was then called "Czechoslovakia" and "Yugoslavia". Eastern Bloc people see life through a different prism, their art reflects that sometimes. Life in one of the Warsaw Pact countries ruled under the Soviets created a world view (and life view) that is so different to First World Western Civilizations, that once a "Westerner" gets ahold of how it looks and ~feels~, they often times never forget it. That certainly describes myself.

I'm not sure exactly what I saw (or heard) in Jexus' videos that rung the "Cold War Kid" bell in my head, but it definitely rang.

sad banana
His writing was pretty funny too. I wouldn't buy a synth based on his recommendation though (failed me twice).
Miss that man. He was pretty active on VSE back in 2005 or so. Glad he's still kicking.
Heck. Yes. <3
Nice. I have a feeling, reading his blurb on the website, that GAS got to him something fierce and he decided to pack it up. These patches are a gift. I feel like kicking a few bucks his way just to say thanks for all the hours I spent watching his videos from back in the day. Truly a modern synth legend, and glad Noir Et Blanc Vie did this recap. He's created a ton of great content with a lot of his synth reviews and videos, as well. I'll be waiting for part 2. smile
Also, the bidding wars continued ,and I felt it was all getting over the top. It irritated the hell out of me ,so I put up two auctions. One pretty blatantly made fun of all the frenzy. But the other one went with no reserve and read something along those lines:
“I have these two obscure keyboards (picture of two SCI Prophet- 5 strewn on floor) for sale. Found them in my uncle’s attic. They don’t even have speakers, so I just want to sell or swap for something that can be actually played, preferably a Casio”
I did not have to wait long for the shitstorm to begin. Emails flooded in and
I trolled the hell out of these people. It was entertainging and enlightening to talk to and challenge all these nerds and traders and get to know their motivations and arguments. Or just see how they lose their shit. One guy offered me $1000 right away and if I did not reply, that rendered him impatient and made him raise the offered price every couple of minutes. Some other guy wanted to take me to a shop and buy me any Casio model I chose. After two hours I was exhausted, and I called off the auction. Again, a hurricane of emails. “What happened?”. I said I had sold it for $1500. The guy that offered me $1300 called me an effing retard because I could have easily sold them for 5 grand in his opinion.


I became a frequent visitor at the local post office, sending away packages that I had just received.
Many of them were heavyas hell, butwhen I thought that taking a taxi would mean giving away 5% or more of my profit, I felt a sudden upsurge of strength in my thin muscles.
This way my pool of money grew , and I was able to afford more advanced synths.

The guy took GAS to another level.
I had a one-room flat, all filled with 40 synths and other stuff


What does it mean to be a human? (what does “mean” mean, I could ask)

The only questions worth asking.

His story is well worth reading! f
yeah his story is a great read!

the patches are amazing, both sound wise and programming wise. had a minor religious experience last night playing the MS2000 patches from the demo that inspired me to get the synth.
so sad he stops makeing video
i think i have watched millions of time all his video
love him
I think a lot like him and that's fascinating as we're very different in many other ways.

Converting youtube clips to AVI format drove me insane.

Yeah I can relate to that as well. At some point i the mid 2000s I taught myself the basics of After Effects as I had decided to get into making videos by mashing up stuff I'd find online or record/ make myself. I gave up when it came to the format conversion nightmare and when I realised I couldn' t afford the computer& video card to do the editing and FX in real time . Jexus had the dedication of a true mad artist and the patience of an elephant.
Panason wrote:

His story is well worth reading! f

I sat down and read that tonight, too. No kidding. I'm blown away of how much of him came through on the videos and the time and effort that went into not only creating them but the hustle it took to get the gear, create something with it, and slave over every little detail until he basically hated each release.

He's so damn relatable and freaking human on those pages, yet even more obtuse and completely enigmatic... and I've gone back and watched the MEK and Blofeld videos (two of his mentioned personal favs) and can now see the little flourishes he mentions, and the little parts of the story that were always there but obscured. Pretty amazing stuff.

Can't wait for part 2.
Just bumping this because anyone who hasn’t seen jexus‘ work should take a look right now! After listening, reading and watching you will be thanking the synth gods that he chose this moment to finally release his astonishing patches. Unfortunately for me, I’ve now sold the only 2 synths he’s done patches for. But I was one of the many who contacted him over the years to request a patch (with no success).
Really enjoyed his demos over the years - always the first port of call if I wanted to get a more extended idea of what a particular brand of synth could offer away from the more typical 'synth-as-a-keyboard' or aimless twiddling scenarios. His is a great story.

However, not to denigrate the Jexus skill and ability, I won't be after any of the patch downloads - for me it's just not in the spirit of the synthesiser as an exploratory 'roll-your-own' device. No second-hand for me, no matter how good.
only thing missing are the a-juno patches. d'oh!
but never mind that . this is a treasure trove hihi w00t screaming goo yo
Some of the DX7 voices are just out there... eerie. They remind me a little of the infamous Carl Johnson patches for the D-50.
I guess I'm now sorted for spooky soundtrack work!
Unborn Gore

Getting more information on Jexus, hearing his backstory, Etc., is bigger news than anything that happened at NAMM.

His videography is just as mesmerizing as his patch work. The guy’s videos are industrial-infused wonders.
The Polivoks demo is genius, in the top five things I've seen on the internet ever.
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