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Fh-2 MIDI Gate gets stuck
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Author Fh-2 MIDI Gate gets stuck
I noticed the MIDI Gates get stuck sometimes, i. e. it is always on or arpeggiating (when arpeggios are active) without any input from the controller after playing a while.

I am using a nerdseq for the clock source (24ppq) on input X and a Minilab MKII directly connected to the FH-2.The USB C is connected to a Laptop with Ableton.

The only solution is to reboot or power cycling. Any idea how to prevent this?


Are you on the latest firmware (1.5.1)?
Jep, installed it yesterday
Is the Minilab sending MIDI clock? (Regardless of whether the FH-2 is actually using it.)

There was a problem with the KeyStep - I wonder if this is the same thing, and there's a general problem with Arturia's stuff.
No, not that I am aware of. Its just a controller, not a sequencer. There were also no Midi Signals coming from Ableton, it was just receiving.
What happens if you connect the Minilab to the computer, and route its MIDI out to the FH-2 through Live?
Generally it seems to happen occasionally. Is was trying to reproduce the behavior without success. I was playing the minilab quite a while when it happened the last time.

Routing through Ableton works fine so far[/b]
This sounds similar to the MIDI hangs I've been having while playing with a Roli Seaboard. All gates get stuck in high mode and I have to powercycle to get FH-2 to release the gates and resume listening to MIDI. I will do some testing with various other controllers over the weekend to see if I can find some pattern in it.
I have seen the same thing with an Arturia Keystep. Using the arpeggiator the unit can some times basically stop sending gates and I have to reboot the unit. The keystep is connected directly to the FH-2's USB-A port.
May not be relevant, but I'm not seeing any stuck-note/gate issues with my Beatstep Pro.

FH-1 seems to receive clock from it fine, too.
os wrote:
There was a problem with the KeyStep - I wonder if this is the same thing, and there's a general problem with Arturia's stuff.

I also got some note hangers and dropouts when sequencing with Arturia Keystep - so what exactly is "a general problem" with Arturia? or Keystep?

I use FH-2 in a simple basic configuration
I am also using the Keystep with the FH-1 and having the same gate latching issue. The pitch lights are also staying pink randomly as well. The gate issue usually happens when notes are quickly being fired out and the pitch info is a bit more random. Both devices are on the latest firmware.
When using the arpeggiator with latch mode active it happens sometimes the release of the keys isn't recognized and subsequently played notes or chords are added to the pattern. After a few cycles with no notes played the module is accepting new chords.

progenitor wrote:
The gate issue usually happens when notes are quickly being fired out

I can confirm that

I also noticed the BPM count slightly changes every few triggers when using an external clock. I. e. when the input clock is 120 BPM it switches between 119 and 120 BPM. The difference is bigger as the clock goes faster. I tried different clocks from different modules with different multiplication.

edit: I added a video, not sure how good my explanation is:
Don't worry about the displayed BPM. It's just an estimate, and isn't actually used for anything other than display.
I was using the under for the first time Monday night and when I switched out of tuner mode, I also had a stuck gate (playing a note or two fixed it).
Hi all,

Is there any fix for the keystep stuck notes issue? I get the issue by playing a few simple chords. The gates get stuck high one by one until they are all gone. I though the issue might be with the keystep clock output to the FH2, but this morning I just played the chords on a freshly booted up FH2 without hitting play on the keystep.

No fix yet. It does appear to be something specific to Arturia's stuff.

So you could maybe ask them to look into it too.
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