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Modcan A or Serge??
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Author Modcan A or Serge??
Hi! I’ve recently entered into the world of banana systems for the first time with the Synton Fenix. I gotta say I love banana patching and just ordered a grip of Pomona’s! I’ve been eyeballing Serge’s for quite some time now and I’ve played with a friend’s Blue Voice and CV panel. I’m very drawn to their sound, philosophy, aesthetic. I’ll inevitably get some panels for sure but recently I’ve found a local option to adopt a Modcan A system. Now my ear lends itself more towards Serge from the examples I’ve heard, but the Modcan A also sounds very good in demos and friend’s recordings. I think the Modcan is a little trickier to find used than the Serge since it’s not currently in production anymore? Correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway I’d like to know if going with the Modcan A first would be better choice because of the current availability? Please let me know which modules are important to have, I can find out the details of what all the system includes as well. Thanks!
If you have a chance to get a modcan A system I would grab it.

There is a lot of serge available. Modcan A doesn't come around often.
There are not a lot of Modcan sound examples out there.
A few of their A system utility modules were mirrors of Serge or STS designs, but from what I heard in person the main modules were different enough. I would error on the side of caution and BUY the Modcan. Patch it for 6 months or so and then you could likely resell it for more than you purchased it for.

Plus they match the Fenix.
A custom panel I sold about ten years ago is currently on Ebay USA.
It contains what I consider to be the best of Serge. Soon afterwards STS stopped offering custom panels, so these odd combo panels are hard to find.
I had two racks of Modern A too. Also very nice. lt-Freq-shifter-1990s/323584233688?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
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