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ES-8 as a midi interface
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Author ES-8 as a midi interface
Placid Mouse
Hello Everyone, I hope the new year is treating you all well.

Last year I sold my ES-8 to move toward a WMD performance mixer + 4ms WAV recorder based 'Dawless' setup. I have since discovered that I really miss everything my DAW gave me, especially the ability to save after a session.

I have had fun using this setup but when it comes to multi-track recording I couldn't beat what the ES-8 gave me, for my money it was the best way to get multitrack recordings from my euro into my DAW and I thought the quality was really good.

One thing I did find frustrating was having to calibrate the oscillators every time I wanted to send pitch data to them, this made using tuned short percussive sounds like Rings impossible via Piano roll lanes in my DAW.

I guess my question is, am I able to send midi data from my DAW using the ES-8 essentially like a midi to CV converter or do I have to only go through the calibration process. If I can treat it like it were a Yarns (or other midi - CV interface) then I'm almost definitely going to buy another one.

I especially love the fact I could create an aggregate interface between the ES-8 and my UAD twin, meaning I could track my Monomachine at the same time. Honestly I was considering going the route of a MIDI-CV + nw:2s + bigger soundcard but that would be really expensive.

Thanks for reading everyone, apologies for the long post.
You can calibrate once and save it as a template. You don't strictly need to recalibrate every time, though you will get the best tuning that way.

By saving a calibration and reusing it you basically have what you get from a MIDI/CV converter i.e. a ready source of pitch CVs but you have to tune your oscillators by hand.
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