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Qu-Bit Prism
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Author Qu-Bit Prism
Qu-Bit Electronix
The Prism is a multi-dimensional signal processor with stereo inputs and outputs!

- 12HP
- ETA March
- $249
- 3 dimensional sonic space - comb filter
- freeze locking audio buffer
- decimate control
- state variable filter with lp, hp, and bp
- All digital architecture

Demo videos will be up shortly!

The Junglechrist
Interesting !
This looks very interesting... Can't wait to hear it and see it in action.
Loving this wave of stereo modules being release. Excited to hear this!

"Audio freeze buffer" and "decimate" sounds like a deadly combo Dead Banana
joem wrote:
This looks very interesting... Can't wait to hear it and see it in action.

Brief video from NAMM.

mmm, mangled audio buffer! i might have to switch out Clouds with Prism.
I wonder if you can save the buffer. Seems like a cool module!
seems nice!
i was eyeing the MODOR - Comb Filter, because im interested in stuff like this:

hope the prism module can sound as phat. i really don't need a decimator and wished there would be modulation possibilities for stereo panning or ‘wideness’
Need all the demos! This seems really promising but I'd like to hear some work from someone who's sat with it for a while.
Qu-Bit Electronix
The Prism is now available!

Multidimensional signal processor featuring:

- Stereo inputs and outputs
- Flexible delay line providing long delays, and comb filtering
- Bit depth and sample rate manipulation
- State variable filter with LPF, HPF, and BPF
- Freeze control locks buffer in place for glitch and beat repeat effects

Product Page

Might have to pull the trigger on this. Such a great price for the amount of functionality. Been looking for another clockable stereo-delay but the Chrono was a bit out of my price range and Magneto was a bit of overkill for me since I don't do too much looping. Nice work Qu-Bit!
I want to hear the filter confused
A pile of these just landed wigglaz SlayerBadger!
I was going to buy a used Clouds, but i’ve just ordered a Prism, I like the idea of the filter, let’s hope it’s not too vanilla....
It’s arrived and it’s superb, especially when you start modulating all the parameters, definitely a keeper, I still want Clouds at some point in the future, but for now this’ll keep me amused.
It's peanut butter jelly time!
How are people liking theirs? Is it any worth in mono setup? I've been thinking about adding (or replacing, actually) something a bit more exciting and wide-range in terms of sound design than just a regular filter, but with filtering capabilities too. Currently I'm working in mono only, but some stereo action is not out of the question in the future. From the little I've seen and heard it Prism seems like a good balance between size, features and range, and I like the sound.
i'm really enjoying mine so far. but i am mainly using it in stereo. i've been looking out for an interesting, small form factor stereo filter for a long while now, and so far prism nails it. i'll likely be getting a second one after i am done moving and my finances balance out. i'm sure it's just as fun using it in mono...
Nutritional Zero
Stereo only for me so far. I’m running it between Nebulae 2 and Clouds.

I really, really enjoy the option to put the filter AFTER the delay and decimator. It allows you to polish or fine tune the sound nicely before heading off to Clouds. Of course it can also get really gnarly too if you want.

Excellent value. Tons of features in 12hp, but not cramped or crowded. Very ergonomic and well laid out.
Here’s a little Instagram video of it in action, I used Peaks bass drum into the left channel and Peaks snare into the right channel. It’s really good with short percussive sounds, the decimator really messes up the sounds. Pity that Instagram makes your video mono when you upload it from your iPhone hmmm..... share_sheet&igshid=4hsl0fy2i5j9
Nutritional Zero
Here I am using Prism to obliterate some Diana Ross.

Nutritional Zero
Hi again Qu-Buddies, here's Prism obliterating some Squarepusher.

Nutritional Zero
Playing with the Prism more. Ideal module for a lunchbox/Pod/small system as there is so much functionality in 12hp.

Nice jams! I liked that last one. Prism does seem like a lot of playability/capability-ness in 12hp.. Have been debating swapping my Chrono 2 for it.. A tough call.
Nutritional Zero
If you've already got Chronoblob 2 why not buy the Alright Devices' own T Wrex to go in the FX loop and roll your own filter? T Wrex has lots of CV inputs for the decimator. (The only thing I could wish for on Prism is more control over the decimator, but I can't quite put my finger on how, and I'm not sure I would want the module to be any larger in exchange. Maybe an alternate mode or something.)

Both excellent setups, but I'm not sure I'd sell a Chronoblob... yet.
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