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SOLVED: FH-2 - not receiving midi other than on channel 1
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Author SOLVED: FH-2 - not receiving midi other than on channel 1
SOLVED: I'm dumb, the problem was in Ableton as I'd somehow set the midi channel 1 track to solo. So, even though I could see Ableton-side activity on other tracks mapped to channels 2 - 4, Ableton was not sending that data to FH-2.

I'm trying to set up my FH-2 to run CV and gate for 4 mono voices, with midi coming out of Ableton on midi channels 1 through 4 - one channel per voice.

Firmware is up to date and I'm using the corresponding config tool.

Config screenshot below.

The FH-2 will recognise messages sent on midi channel 1, but not other channels. If I re-map different outputs to receive from channel 1, they do that fine. But not other channels.

Is there something on the module itself I need to toggle to get it to receive midi messages other than on channel 1?

If this is covered in the manual, please let me know where so I can re-read and improve my manual reading abilities.

That looks OK. Are you sure Live is sending on MIDI channel 2-4? What does the FH-2 say in its MIDI history display? Is it showing notes on the other channels?
FH-2 midi history only shows channel 1 data.

That said, I think I've worked out the problem lies somewhere in Ableton. When I disable channel 1 send and play on other channels in Ableton, Ableton itself shows no midi out messages.

Notwithstanding the false diagnosis of FH-2 being the problem, I'll update the OP once I've solved the Ableton-side issue to make it clear Ableton was the error, just in case someone else makes the same error I did.
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