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Using select BUS when I have Doepfer modules?
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Author Using select BUS when I have Doepfer modules?
Neal Beard
Hello all,

I've just got another Disting!

It's to go in a small rack and I was hoping to use the select BUS to share MIDI so I can play polyphonic samples.

However I also have a Doepfer Footswitch, ADSR, and Dual VCA in the same rack, and the thought occurred that some Doepfer modules use the CV and gate BUS, which I think is what the select BUS uses to share data, or in my case MIDI.

So can this create a problem? If my ADSR or Footswitch are linked to the CV or Gate BUS? There doesn't seem to documentation on the Doepfer site telling me, but in my other rack my A190 definitely sends GATE to my Doepfer A140 ADSR.

Thanks in advance my collective-modular-brain-friends...
I think it's safe to assume that if the Doepfer documentation for a module doesn't specifically mention the bus, then it doesn't use it.

Many of them that do use it have jumpers on the PCBs to isolate them from the bus if required.
Neal Beard
Thank you, yes, you're quite right– the A140 does have a jumper which I removed to undo normalling to the system bus.

And looking at the other Doepfer modules, an A177-2 and A132-3; their ribbon connectors are 10 way not 16 way, so can't connect to the CV/GATE BUS...

However I can't seem to get my 2nd Disting to receive MIDI via the system BUS.

I went into SETTINGS and changed the RECALL to 1 for both Distings.

I then chose Algorithm I-3 for both, and changed the MIDI parameter to 1 and 2 respectively.

I then checked each was receiving MIDI on channel 1 via SETTINGS.

Wondered what I'm doing wrong?

Midi is coming in via the breakout module, which is linked to the Disting which does receive Midi and play normally.

Both are running v4.9.

I must be doing something dum, but I can't think what?!!
Do they both receive MIDI OK and play the same thing if MIDI mode is -1 on both?
Neal Beard
Hi many thanks for the reply.

I set both to MIDI -1 and still only the Disting directly attached to the BOM receives MIDI.

Reading the manual when set up like this it looks like both should respond monophonically to the same MIDI notes.

I might try attaching my new Disting to the BOM and see if it responds to MIDI then...
Sounds like you have the MIDI Breakout, not the Select Bus breakout. If so, only the one disting will respond.
Neal Beard
Thank you, yes, I knew I must be doing something dum. I had no idea there was a select bus BOM– I just saw your cool video demonstrating polyphony and assumed it was what I had– sorry!

Will get onto THONK asap...

thumbs up
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