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Favorite sequencer?
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Author Favorite sequencer?
knifey wrote:
Audio Damage Sequencer 1 is still one of my favourite sequencers. Not a multi-track/pattern, but with 3 additional CV outs that can send out either stepped values (independently programmed) or one of 3 tempo-synced internal LFOs (all of which has a level control and uni/bi range selection - no need for extra attenuators/verters!). Also has a few nifty sequencer modes, like skip, odd, even. Super playable as well.

This was one of my first euro purchases. I no longer use it, but I will say that the three clock synced LFOs are a really cool and really useful feature. When I got Pam's New Workout, I thought I finally had a replacement for these, but turns out PNW does not do bipolar LFOs, so more utility required.
bkbirge wrote:
Best for me so far: Engine w/CV i/o

Most fun: any 8 step simple basic sequencer like Doepfer or Ladik or many others, just so much fun to tweak on the fly but not very versatile.

Couldn't put that any better! Though these simpletons grow with what you surround them with.
For me two Penta s (aiming for three), wiggling and flicking those 3/4/5 switches is just great fun and cannot be more immediate.

Prizma for more elaborate sequences or a quick random run.

Struggled a while with Rene for its unreliable touch surfaces. Too bad it doesn't work for me.

Thinking of getting a Bindubba...
Currently using:

Maschine mk2 + CV.OCD
Sputnik 5-Step Voltage Source
Korg SQ-1
Hemisphere Suite

To me that's a nice combination of fully programmable, algorithmic, and hands-on simple sequencing with different addressing modes, merging of sequencing with modulation, manipulation of trigger streams, etc.
Five12 Vector has me covered like a jimmy hat.
I’ve got Rene 2, ER-101/102 and Vector.

All great...... but Vector is the one for me right now.
nerdseq is about to get even more powerful.
you will be able to connect multiple instances of these expander modules for over 100 additional channels of sequencing power.
nothing else touches this in terms of sequencing power in eurorack.

Mark II
I have the Xaoc Tirana II (2x), Qu-Bit Octone and the BSP which I use depending on the patch. Three different beasts.
The Five12 Vector Sequencer is unbelievable. It’s worth every HP.
a daw or keyboard and some musical know how......


i only have an sq-8 and a RYO cv secuencer at the moment with a ladik s-210. I can change key with midi, but im finding myself getting bored quicly with a 16step sequncer,,
tau_seti wrote:
The Five12 Vector Sequencer is unbelievable. It’s worth every HP.

As a long time Numerology user, this looks very intriguing.
Nightly Closures
Engine and stillson hammer mk2. I can use them together or just one on it’s own. Extremely different results when used individually and it’s been great either way. The engine was very much my ideal sequencer. However, I’ve been blown away with the SHMK2. They both end up being very playable. I’d love to try the Komplex one day.
maybe a bad answer, but nothing beats the combination of a short (>8 steps) step sequencer + attenuated random voltages into a quantizer into a precision adder and sequential switch, patched in various configurations. I use the gate outs of an Octone in random mode to trigger things as well.

i have been enjoying making Feldman-like lines and repetitions using clock divisions and different types of random voltages into this mix.
Stepper Acid, mostly since I love using slides and accents + you can make a nice melody in a couple of seconds. It also has a Song mode.

Very no-nonsense, easy to learn and use. But most of all it's fun, very playable.
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