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My Sonic-Core thread
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Author My Sonic-Core thread
Hi there everyone,

Thought I would put my Sonic-Core music experiments here as, well its a sort of software platform and this is the software forum!

The latest experiment from the laboratory is a revamp of an old patch by the legendary Roland Kuit.

Plenty of Sample and Hold and Dub Delay;

You can find it here on Instagram:

on Soundcloud here:

or here on Youtube:

Your Modularly,
I'd never heard of Sonic-Core modular, looks very interesting. Looks like there's an external SHARC-based hardware, and then the patches are laid out in software and run externally? Very cool sounds in the pieces you made!
I hadn't come across sonic core either. It sounds great.

Nice patch too.
Thanks guys, for the positive comments!

What can I say about Sonic-Core?

'I love it!'

Seriously, (although I do love it), it has virtually everything.

The go to source for anything to do with Sonic-Core is:

The software / hardware package has been around for about 20 years and there's people there who know miles more than I do. So, if you're at all interested, get yourself along there.

Once again, thanks for the nice comments. Onwards and Upwards!

Yours Modularly,
I had a cheeky look at the website but alas its PCI card based (long gone are my days of arsing about with windows machines and PCI cards!). I love the sound of it though.Different thing but It has that Kyma type sound. It sounds very accurate, fast and precise but in the best way. I had a Kyma system for a very short time and I loved it but just don't have the time required to invest in it.

Huge respect for your Sonic Core footages.
They clearly show what this system can do in one package.


Maybe you mean PCIe based ?
This type of connection shall stay for a long time.
Nothing to worry about wink
The original hardware were indeed PCI cards, and under a different name: Creamware. The latest incarnation of the website is

You can still find the older cards (like the Pulsar 2 which contains 6 DPSs), and you can combine up to 3 cards ... but the difficulty is to find a computer that still has 3 PCI slots hmmm.....

The new hardware are the Xite1 external devices, connected via a PCIe card (or some adapter for a laptop).

The Scope software has been updated to V7 at the end of 2017.

Creamware also made some digital versions (in hardware) of analog synthesizers: MiniMax (Moog), Prodyssey (Odyssey) and Pro 12 (Prophet 5).
Reviews to be found on Sound On Sound.

Those are also available as plugins to the Scope system.
I still rock a 3x scope pro setup as my main audio hub.
You can find used HP workstations with 3x PCI that are powerful enough for audio (especially when you have 45 sharcs inside) but it is getting harder to put together new PCI systems.

The big advantage of the PCI setups is the number of ADAT inputs you get. I have some 62 inputs going in. Some of the 3rd party synths were never optimized for the new external boxes and run poorly on xite. I have a lot of legacy stuff that you just can't buy anymore.

For a long time, the quality of the sound was superior to pretty much anything native VST, but that's not really the case anymore. But they are still great systems, particularly for routing, real time monitoring/processing, and the synths -- adern, john bowen and modular IV especially.

A single PCI card can quite useful just for it's midi capabilities, but I wouldn't recommend trying to dig into modular or the bigger synths without ~ 20 DSP.
I heard that some plugins do work better on old PCI systems due to a better perfomance load distribution.
Hi there Everyone,

Good to see a bit of interest in Sonic-Core / Scope!
And thanks JediDJ for your positive comment!

I've been having another go at, what I call Biometric Modular Systems inc.

All modular sounds are driven by Envelope Followers in an attempt to create a more 'organic' effect.

The video is on YouTube here:

or Instagram here:

have a watch / listen if you fancy it!

Yours Modularly,
Hi there Modulators!,

Before I start the long journey into the unknown, I thought I would upload something from the cutting room floor.

An Electro-Blues with 2 'solos' composed using the Sonic-Core Modular System, (with a little help from the brilliant Sugar-Bytes 'Looperator').

If anyone is interested, I recorded 8 separate tracks into Studio-One and processed them there.

If you fancy a listen then;

The whole video is here on YouTube:

The audio on Soundcloud here: lues-1

Or a short extract on Instagram here:

Yours Modularlatingly,
Hi there all,

Experimenting with the Tape-Delay module and made a short video. Didn't quite turn out how I wanted, but it hardy ever does!

A lot of the modules in the Scope platform are my favourites, but the tape-delay is one of my special favourites!

If you fancy a listen,

the video is on YouTube here:

A short extract on Instagram here:

or the audio on Soundcloud here:

Yours Delayingly,
Roland Kuit
Hi Robert, Nice one!

If you are interest in music created with the Xite-1 and Modular IV check my page here:

Roland Kuit Modular IV
Many thanks for the links Roland!

I couldn't resist using one of your patches in my latest Tape-Delay project.

It's another Tape-Delay experiment with backing from one of your patches.

If anyone fancies a listen, its on YouTube here:

a short version on Instagram here:

and on Soundcloud here:

Once again, many thanks for the links, I'm going to have a real go at them over the holidays.

It's really good. I keep almost buying and XITE but I get paranoid about obsolescence, it's silly.
Hi All,
New video using some partial modules and the demultiplexer module, a brilliant combination!

If you fancy a listen or watch,

It's on YouTube here:

Instagram here:

or Soundcloud here:

P.S. to gminorcoles, re. Sonic-Core
I really believe its one of those things that if you've got it, you love it, despite all its quirks and imperfections.
And if you haven't got it, you're not sure whether its worth it, because of the little quirks and imperfections!

Using the brilliant filter / Sawtooth Osc combination in the Sonic-Core System to create an Old-School funk vibe.

If you fancy a listen or watch,

It's on Soundcloud here:

Youtube here:

or a short edit on Instagram here:

check out my Sonic-Core Modular /
Hi All,

New track using the Cellular Automata sequencer. Not sure how you'd describe it.

If you fancy a listen, it's on YouTube here:

a short version on Instragram here:

and the complete audio on Soundcloud here:

Hi All,

Using the SB404 (a TB303 clone) to drive the Biometric Modular System in the Modular.

A 1 minute Instajam.

If you fancy a listen or watch its on Youtube here:

Soundcloud here: -instajam

and Instagram here:

gruebleengourd wrote:
Hi All,

New track using the Cellular Automata sequencer. Not sure how you'd describe it.


what package is the Sonic Cores cellular automata sequencer in? BC modular? CWM?
Hi there,

Pretty certain it's in the Modular IV upgrade.

The list of modules are here: core_modular/modular_4/modular_4_modules_de_en.pdf

Cellular Automata right at the end.

Hi All,

Here's a little Tube Resonator solo:

If you fancy a listen it's -

On Youtube here:

On Instagram here:

and the audio on Soundcloud here: am
Stay tuned for more S-C Modular experiments!

Hi All,

Rocking Camden Town with the Sonic-Core Modular!

(with the Interlace and Mod-Demod modules)

If you fancy a listen / watch it's on YouTube here!

Instagram here:

and Audio on Soundloud here: cape-01

Hi all,

Here's a track that includes a heavily processed field recording of an electro-magnetic scan of a Computer Monitor

The original wave file is found here:

and here are the usual links:

The website is a brilliant resource for off the wall sounds.

Hi All,

Another 1 minute Instajam featuring the Modulation - Demodulation modules in the Sonic-Core system.

If you fancy a listen its on YouTube here:

on Instagram here:

or Soundcloud here:

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