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Usamo not showing in Logic
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Author Usamo not showing in Logic
Hi Os

Today I installed, registered and activated my Usamo plugin.

However using Logic Pro 10.3.0 in Mac OS 10.14.2 (Mojave) it isn't showing up in the list of plugins to load on a channel strip.

I'm sure it's installed in the right location (screenshot attached) ...and I've tried both VST and AU versions.

Could it be a compatibility issue with the latest Mac OS ?

Cheers - Andy

You need the AU for Logic.

Does it appear in Logic's plug-in manager?
Ah okay. I have also tried the AU with no joy. In fact I tried that first.
I’ve tried installing the file in both the root library and also the user library.
And no, either way, it fails to even show in Logic’s plugin manager.
Weird huh? ...Do you know for a fact that it works in Mac OS 10.14.2 ??

Can I see a screenshot of the AU in its folder?
Hey Os

I just re-installed the AU, went to test in Logic and it still didn't work. But then I tried restarting the machine before testing again in Logic. This is something I only do every few days as it's a laptop. But testing Logic after the restart, now shows all to be working okay.

I'm pretty sure this is a subtle change from the previous Mac OS I was using, because I've installed many plugins in the past without having to restart. Oh well, it's working now.

Small detail, but maybe worth adding the need for restart to your installation instructions?

Thanks again for your response. smile
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