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General CV Feature Requests
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Author General CV Feature Requests
I haven't seen a feature request thread for the General CV module.

So here goes nothing... I think this would be useful.

Next and previous

Please add a parameter that changes the behavior of Input 4 when in Clocked Playback or Free Playback modes:

    - The default behavior would be what it is now, a semitone to select the file number in the current playlist.

    - The new behavior would be a bipolar input to increment or decrement the file number in the current playlist -- in other words, next and previous.

Input 4: Next would be a transition from zero to a positive voltage, and previous would be a transition from zero to a negative voltage. I hope this input can be debounced in software, to keep the hardware simple.

Edge cases: Requesting next when playing the highest-numbered file in the playlist would have no effect. Requesting previous when playing file 0 would have no effect.

Hardware: Normally-open footswitches or pushbuttons, which would connect the appropriate voltage when momentarily closed.

Voltage sources: A Quadratt or Triatt module can provide both +5 and -5V voltage sources; there are other options. (And DIY.)

Thanks for the suggestion!
I have some notes that i'll not edit right now, i hope they are descriptive enough smile

1. If "Programs" is used with random CV, when the jack is removed it should recall the saved preset, not preset 0 (the piano)

2. After the screen goes dark, first press on any encoder shouldn't advance the menu, just reenable screen

3. Save preset, rename preset etc, stays in preset menu, don't always quit, cause you have to save/rename/etc in the same place at once

4. Menu remembers where i was the last time, not always have to scroll trough the whole menu from the beginning

5. Effects settings do not mute effects, need to hear in real time the tweaking (copy the wet/dry parameter to the effects settings too, to be adjusted there too if needed)

6. Effects parameters CV, not only wet/dry
An option to compare the edited sound to the saved one is possible?
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