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A few FH-2 questions
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Author A few FH-2 questions
chapelier fou
I'm considering replacing my Endorphines Shuttle Control by a FH-2, mainly because I'd need a larger V/Oct range than the 0-5V allowed by the SC.
I've got a few questions to be sure that I can replicate my setup :

1. Would I be able to play the FH-2 directly with a USB MIDI keyboard, and at the same time sending and receiving MIDI from Ableton Live ?
In my setup, MIDI Channel 1 goes to Live. Live sends MIDI on channels 2-3-4-5 to drive the SC.

2. Can you confirm the the V/Oct range is 10V ?

3. Can an output in a CV pair emit a trigger and not a gate ?

4. Can an output emit a random voltage and hold it every time I play any note on, let's say, channel 2 ?

5. In a note CV/Gate pair, can you set the Gate so it's quickly retriggered, so I'm sure that the enveloppes are triggered on each note, even when I play legato ?

Thanks !
1) Yes.

2) Yes.

3) Yes.

4) There's a random LFO type but not currently the sort of S+H feature you describe.

5) No. But you can output a gate and a trigger, which is the correct way to do that.
chapelier fou
1) Thanks

2) Thanks

3) Thanks

4) Thanks, could be nice, don't you think ?

5) I'll do some tests.
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