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Daedalus - "The Sound is Yours"
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Author Daedalus - "The Sound is Yours"
We had the immense pleasure of hanging with Mr. Alfred Darlington (AKA Daedalus) last April in Los Angeles. Until this interview, we had never seen anybody employ modular quite like he does. Here's a little clip from him about finding your own musical/creative voice.

Hear more from Alfred and all of the amazing creators featured in our documentary series at
It would be best if you added these onto your existing thread - - in the future.

Looking forward to hearing this!
sduck wrote:
It would be best if you added these onto your existing thread - - in the future.

Looking forward to hearing this!

Would be glad to send some free codes for the episodes if you like?
Rex Coil 7
He's one talented cat, no doubt. In this video posted about 6 years ago he was high as hell during his show. He had that "narcotic sweat" pouring out of his body so hard he literally soaked his clothes ... I mean totally soaked them. I've "been around" enough in my 58 years to know a narco high when I see one.

But sincerely speaking here, some of the most talented people in history used various substances to unlock their creativity. Chevy Chase ... not funny when he's not on coke. Jimmy Page ... his best work was when he was shooting up. Even Keith Emerson ... his most brilliant live shows (early 70s) were heavily enhanced with coke use. Look at Whitney Houston in her performance of the National Anthem at the 1991 Superbowl XXV, high as a kite, that "coke sweat" covered her face inside of less than a minute (but it was one of her premier performances). Narcotics of various sorts seem to fuel some talented people to extraordinary heights (that's not a pun). But as we all know there's a terrible price that comes with that illumination ... sometimes it's a fatal price.

Daedalus would get "bumped" in certain performances years ago. His odd twitching and incredibly profuse sweating betrayed his usage ... but his performances glowed! It seems he may have cleaned up over the past few years.

So once again, I'm not being critical here ... I'm not saying he's a bad person (for God's sake, many of us played around with various forms of narcs in our younger days ... every one of us is weak in certain ways and we all give in to artificial escapism at some point, in some way ... it's a natural part of being human).

I know what ~high~ looks like. And in this particular performance he's wired out of his ever lovin' skull. I've watched any number of his gigs on Tou Yube, I'm aware he has this rather "exotic" behavior when he's gigging, but he's exceptionally animated in this particular show. His pupils are as large as dimes, he barely blinks. By about 7:30 his face is turning very red, and he's sweating far more than anyone else in the room. By 14:30 the forearm sleeves of his shirt are nearly soaked through. By 16:30 his shirt is 80% soaked through. By then his hair is so wet he looks like he just stepped out of the shower, and by the end his shirt is soaked clean through. That's what ripped looks like!

I just hope he got a handle on things as the years rolled by. Narcs really burn the candle at both ends ... with a flame thrower!

pbear :(
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