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sequence displacement for metric deception
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Author sequence displacement for metric deception
Can anyone suggest a patch that will allow the displacement of a sequence in time with respect to a master clock? I know there are modules that generate trigger delays, but I haven't found one (at least in euro) that will do this on a quantized or "per note" basis.

Sounds like you are looking for an ASR (Analog Shift Register)
I'd suggest a clock divider, running at a multiplication of your master clock (so you have more "divided by" options). After you have your sequence running happily on some division or other you can start hitting the divider's reset with odd pulses for some interesting effects.
Any trigger sequencer hitting the main sequencers reset in, unless I’m misunderstanding?
No word from the OP whether we're on the right track...

In the meantime I threw this up to illustrate the clock divider idea. The kick and bass are there to emphasize the basic timing, but it needn't sound so EDM.

Kick = master clock
Clock divider in = x8 master clock
Clock divider reset = x3 master clock
Bass = /1
Sequence = /2 and /3
If the master clock is put through a logic gate such that it only passes on to the sequencer when there is another signal (now called “run”) the sequencer can be made to pause (or drop back a beat or more) relative to the master clock.
Assuming you have two sequencers, why not reset one on a /7 from your clock divider? Or any other note for that matter.
Alternatively, program a gate sequencer to reset the cv sequencer firstly on the second eigth, then the 3rd eigth then the 4th eigth and so on.
not sure if using a channel of the sequencer to VC the clock or using a 154/155 setup to modulate the gate length with one channel is what you are after, but those seem to be traditional tools. plug some logic switches in and it might work for you?
On a related note, how do you make a rhythmic canon in modular? Say I have a trigger sequence. To make a rhythmic canon I would need to make an exact copy of that sequence that is running X number of beats behind the original.
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