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digital noise, 500 serie interferance with ES-3 and ES-6
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Author digital noise, 500 serie interferance with ES-3 and ES-6
Hello there smile I've been using ES-3 and ES-6 with a USBStreamer ADAT interface for 2 years now and never solved this problem:

let's say I want to use my 500 serie chain to process a stem in my DAW.
ES-3 out->500 serie->ES-6.

But, when I plug a cable into my ES-3 or/and ES-6, some digital noise appears on my speakers.

I can still record. No noise on the recordings! (If I unplugged my 500 serie after recording, and listen the recordings I have no noise)

So I assume there is a problem between the speakers and the ES-3/ADAT?
I highly suspect that ADAT interface.

Problem appears even if the 500 serie is turned off (but still plugged into ES-3/ES-6 ofc).

Before this setup I used a Lyra Prism and didn't have this problem, could still use my 500 serie with no noise. So I don't think the problem come from here.

Any ideas? tests to do?


How is your modular powered? Sounds like a classic ground loop problem to me.
Tiptop Mantis
So I guess you're using a switching power supply with that?

Have you tried a DI box in the signal chain to break the ground loop?
Yes, a switching power, that one that came with Mantis.

No...I haven't tried that...

I use this 500 serie box:

that has this:
but it doesn't change anything when I ON/OFF it.

Can you recommend me a DI box I could buy to try?

Are you sure it's not coming from UsbStreamer?
I will try to disconnect it today

Many thanks!
I don't have a recommendation for a DI box, sorry.

The joy of ADAT is that it's optical - there's no way an ADAT connection can introduce a ground loop.
Ok, thanks, I will investigate and check which DI box I can buy!
Multi Grooves
I just got a pair of hs7s
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