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Spring Reverb tank replacement
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Author Spring Reverb tank replacement
Recently dug out my old Peavey Backstage from a long hiatus in the attic and like many things from my past I don't think I ever gave it the attention It deserved,

only probs is the Reverb tank, time has not been kind

so im wondering if any of you guys on here have any recommendations as to a replacement, im looking for something down the vintage fender road that's a more mid focused sound and reasonably long

Thanks in advance

This one will probably fit your amp. As far as changing the sound, it might get close to what you want, but that may be more of something in the circuitry than what the tank does. If you're looking for some specific reverb sound, and the built in tank isn't making it, there are tons of reverb pedals and other outboard devices that can probably get you there. The surf band my brother used to play in had a bunch of old outboard fender reverb boxes they used. I've got a catlinbread Topanga pedal that has all kinds of control over the sound - you can get that huge sproing sound easily with it.
Gotta, gotta make sure the tank fits the circuit.
I had a Kustom 200 Frankenstein amp head where the tank had been replaced with one that was smaller and the wrong impedance. Sounded wrong and I think burned out the circuit over time. Bought a MOD tank off one of the similar sites and now we're on our way...
cheers for the replies.

yeah I got the code for the verb and know the ins and outs of it. thanks

probably gonna head for the Mod Brand of tank

anyhoo thanks for the replies guys,
Have you checked the Accutronics products ? specifications
CosmicFlight wrote:
Have you checked the Accutronics products ? specifications

isn't accutronics the Fender Rerverb,

nice one bud, will check out some demos, still haven't got round to getting the amp verbed up,
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