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Mixer setup options: pre v post vs dry kill v wet...
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Author Mixer setup options: pre v post vs dry kill v wet...
Hi guys,

Bit of a producer's challenge here: I have recently bought an Alesis 12r rack mixer for home use. I'm no pro, but I can grasp the (very) basics of pre and post aux sends, just about.

I appreciate most delay and reverb should be post-fader (generally). The issue with the 12r is that it has one post, and one pre-fade.

I have a TC electronic Hall of Fame and Flashback I want to use.

here's the rub: the TC's both have dry kill (an internal switch).

Which is the best setup:

1. reverb post, delay pre, both dry-kill (100% wet)
2. reverb pre, delay post, both dry-kill (100% wet)
3. reverb post, delay pre, no dry kill
4. reverb pre, delay post, no dry kill

Phew... Dead Banana

I know there are more permutations, but let's go with the basics for now!

What would you choose, and why?
You'll almost certainly want the dry kill switched on (100% wet), because that will allow you to mix your wet & dry signals back in the mixer.

Personally I'd go for putting the delay post-fader, and the reverb pre-fader. I sometimes like to have just the 100% wet reverb signal for some really interesting sounds.

In my own setup I have six aux channels with reverbs on both pre- and post-faders
good ideas - thanks diophantine.
I can only second the reverb pre, delay post, 100% wet option.
Delay feels more effective (?) when it's in relation to the original sound, based on the things I did so far. With the reverb pre fader you can move things much much farther back in space.

See what works best for you, maybe it doesn't even make much of a difference for your kind of production anyways. But the dry-kill is almost a must have, otherwise you'd get wonky levels and maybe even some phasing issues when using the aux sends. When you're using the effects directly in the signal path of an instrument, the blend knob is useful; but not for aux-send routings.
pre/post fader options are for inserts. You want your effects on Aux busses set to killdry=on. Then you "send" from your channels to the aux bus to add the wet effect signal to your original dry signal.

This allows multiple channels to share the effect each with different percent mixes.

If you don't have aux busses and have to use them as inserts, you want them pre fader, killdry=off, so that the wet/dry mix stays the same as you use the fader. The effect will only work on that mixer channel.
I hate to say this (and I have an Alesis USB 2.0 MultiMix8- the one that can do multitrack interfacing)

.... As you dig into this you are going to realize that you want a more sophisticated mixer. I am okay with mine as a pretty basic hardware into DAW for recording, but once you realize what some of the more sophisticated devices from Allen&Heath are capable of, you'll realize why your mixer was $300 (ballpark) and there are $1000+ devices that people rave about.

Edit: the biggest difference is if you are using HARDWARE effects, you'll want a more sophisticated mixer. If you're just going into the DAW and throwing some verb and whatnot on, you'll be fine.
While the 12R may be limited it's perfectly capable of what the OP wants, seriously, i just don't get it
2 sends, with a stereo return. (I'd put the reverb on there). Use your option 2 and return the Reverb via the stereo return. Put the Flashback on a channel then you can add reverb on the repeats, and have some nice feedback fun...
in live sound and recording work I have done, effects are always post fader. This isn't just about volume. But also, you want the effected signal to have the same EQ tweaks as the direct signal.
Pre fader usually skips the EQ and often any inserts as well (varies by manufacturer).

Pre-fade is useful for monitor mixes. Either when doing live sound, or when building a cue mix for the artist while not affecting the level of individual elements, or the main mix.
Pre fader is useless for effects unless you want JUST the effected sound and not the original sound mixed in with it. Delay should go on the post send with the stereo return for ping pongs and panning delay effects.
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