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rolling updates thread
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Author rolling updates thread
Starting a new thread for general news/updates...

Crossposting from Facebook:

Price of Oscilloplasm rose to £800 unavoidably due to rising costs at this end, in particular the AD633 analog multiplier. Note that the cost of this module is a bit of an anomoly due to the complexity, future modules will be 3/4s of the cost of this one at least.

So the B***t deadline is looming, for EU customers I have 2 more units to ship from stock that I can guarantee will be before whatever mess occurs. Preparations for post B****t sales to EU customers are in place, but they will almost certainly be more complex than direct shipping across a common political zone!

Finally, the last Oscilloplasm went out to a customer whose collection is affiliated with the National Gallery of Denmark, and includes an EMS Synthi 100. A proud day for everyone involved.

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