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Why are module manuals so bad?
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Author Why are module manuals so bad?
Keltie wrote:
deke wrote:
Shledge wrote:
I've an idea for the next trendy module - Flisters

- Text now replaced with symbols which have no meaning
- Manuals etched onto solid wood and now uses some obscure BC era language
- Knobs everywhere, most of which don't do anything
- Complete enigma wrapped in another enigma, then shot point blank with a riddle (even we don't know what the fuck it does)
- Long, convoluted button combos just to do anything useful with it - don't worry, you'll discover them by mashing stuff!
- Can make it fart if you "experiment" with it enough. Some hipster on youtube will explain it all to you, some day.
- MkII version coming out next month

Not sure if you saw my reply to you somewhere here with an apology. I would like to add to your excellent idea. The manual etched in wood is good, but let's take it to the ultimate hipster level. First, it must be reclaimed wood because nothing says locally harvested sustainable synthesis more than reusing a precious resource. The wood should come from some building with a unique history of something artisanal and be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Second, the etching must be done entirely with hand tools commonly used in the early 1800s, but to take it even further, it must have been etched using only natural sunlight or candle light. I think this is the perfect guy to do this.

You, sir, are a damned amatar.

Not only must the manual be carved in cuneiform “a” from locally sourced, sustainably recycled wood, it must be tropical hardwood. The packaging must be tied using strands of Beyoncé’s pubes woven by the virgin women of an uncontacted Amazonian tribe. It must be delivered with a skinny, free range maccachicocinno in a sustainably recycled fabric cup, and, and this is most, most important, it’s components must be made from toxic rare earth metals mined under slave labour conditions in a country under the control of a left wing military kleptocracy.

Viva la revolucion, hombres.

In other news, it’s not a biggie. Obscure modules with crap documentation just get the pass from me. Mannequins is laughable, but whatever. MI manuals are great. I forgive Paults cos his modules are quite easy and the quality is just so good, but manifold spatial generators sharing stories in a sonic continuum of self indulgent impenetrable stream of consciousness? No thanks.

Oh really? Find me a hipster who wouldn't roll up on the floor and scream trigger alert at the mere mention of tropical hardwoods, recycled or not. Pshaw! Cuneiform is acceptable, but only if made using a sustainable bamboo stylus into pure clay tablets mixed with a minimum of 50% certified organic kale mulch. I honestly don't know why I waste my time trying to educate people here...
I just bought two of the Scales from Intellijel. I had previously used two of the uScales, but sold them due to getting tired of the glitchiness of the notes at times, though I liked other functions. Okay, that is kinda beside the point. I decided to look at the new Scales manual, since it is more than a quantizer, and anyway I wanted to reacquaint myself with the functions I used in the previous version, like shift, etc. So I looked it up. It is 48 pages long. Amazing work. Thanks, Intellijel.
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