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Rex The Dog
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Author Rex The Dog
I'd like to discuss the artist, 'Rex The Dog'.

This is the best I could find showing his style and synth..

If the time link doesn't work, he comes in at the 1 hour mark.

This is nearly exactly my goal. To preform live modular that's not just a drivel of jam that doesn't go anywhere. Anyone know how his custom modules work or even what they are doing?

He's coming here to Austin tomorrow (Fri, February 1, 2019), So I hope to quiz him. He's been around for quite some time and I'm surprised that I had not heard of him in the modular scene.
Nevermind. Nothing to see or hear here.
To be honest, I never heard of him. All the time while the music is playing, (sorry I didn't listen to the end) you're waiting for some kind of completion, culmination, something unusual, but nothing happens. Simple, unobtrusive music, good for background playback. But people prefer to remember and re-listen to more daring compositions. Just my opinion, sorry if someone offended.
Not offended.

What I'm shooting for (what i thought Rex had accomplished) is an hour long DJ club style live set on modular. So there would be 12 to 18 individual songs, cross-fade style, so that each song has drops, builds, and hooks, with leads that are all different, live and not prerecorded or pre-sequenced. By "drivel of jam" I mean the same basic 16 or 32 step sequence, initial phrase repeated over and over for an hour.

Based on what I witnessed, Rex has either single-handedly designed and constructed the most amazing modular sequencer ever, or he plays prerecorded stems off a laptop.
Did you get to talk to him about his setup?

I don't know much about him but his remix of Triangle Walks was my first exposure to Fever Ray while I was driving around Puerto Rico on a work trip and that was just a perfect soundtrack. I've been peripherally curious about him ever since.

Sorry, that deviates from your subject and intention somewhat, but I figured I'd chime in because I have heard of him and appreciate him to an extent smile Your exposure of his techniques has got me even more curious as well implemented live electronics is also something I enjoy.

zedius wrote:
Did you get to talk to him about his setup?

Nah, seemed clear to me, it was late, disappointed, and I wanted to go home.

I dig his tunes too, but they are not created the way he's presenting and as I had hoped.
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