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NSRT (New Standard Radiokoala Tuning) FA#C#G#C#D#
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Author NSRT (New Standard Radiokoala Tuning) FA#C#G#C#D#
Hey y'all w00t

I was tuning my guitar by ear the other month after having torn off single pickup in the middle (which was by far the best thing I ever did) so that it would not get in the way while strumming (now I have two humbuckers and only two toggle states rather than five, and mind three-to-four I never used). In this process I got to the point where it sounded nicely and in harmony on open strings or with one-finger barre and I thought: "there we go".

After having checked with the tuner I discovered I tuned it in C# rather than C and also with some different intervals: basically open A m7add11, E#A#C#G#C#D# (but I prefer to call E# an "F"). Transposed one semitone down, it would be EACGCD – which means -2 / +1 / -2 on 4 / 2 / 1 strings. I actually like fingering much more with this tuning and all around it makes more sense to me, is more melodic and has nicer intervals, and just sounds like harp almost. (For example try this chord at any position: 333353 and arpeggiate up and down).

Here is this guy (the only one in the Universe I've found LOL, to have tuned the guitar to the same intervals) playing really classy in EACGCD and Open B:


(He has a website called it seems. smokin')

The point to make, try tuning your guitar by ear and see what you come up with. May work for you just fine. The one I go for now is such a treat, it seems, I changed the strings yesterday and tuned by ear to all the same semitones again! This is fun! Just sounds great to me, and like a benchmark. Another fun story is, I came up with something slightly dissonant yesterday in the middle of the process and thought I had to capture "settings" for that eeriely sinister chordal harmony – and lol, you synth nuts, would be all over this: it was FCCFCC with four 'C'-'s detuned 10 cents apart!! so basically like a 4 oscillator FAT DETUNE lead sound atop the root F bassline. Animal! Very fun!

My friend told me of some interesting Fingerstyle tuning yesterday also, but I didn't bother to re-tune as I was setting up reverbs for classic ethereal Cocteau Twins' like tone which is actually surprisingly easy to achieve with just a multi-FX like my Zoom on a clean tone.

Lemme know your opinions on mine, or share tunings you've come up accidentally and/or use and prefer to the bread-and-butter vanilla trite humdrum that is the standard one. CHEERS all, be well! w00t
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