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FH-2 and Octatrack
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Author FH-2 and Octatrack
Hi every body.
I just got the FH-2 but it looks like I can't get it to do what I thought would be easy as pie:
Namely, trying to allocate different midi tracks from the octatrack to different outputs on the FH-2 in order to play diffrent monophonic voices on the modular This is fun!

But no way to do that!
All the channels go to the same outputs

First I thought I did the configuration wrong and tried different options but with no good result.

Then I imagined it was an issue with the cable I use to connect the Octatrack to the FH-2: the MIDIMATE eX.

At first I was confident because I did get feedback messages from the FH-2 that it gets correctly the played notes on the configured MIDI channels.

My configuration is the following:
- Channel 9 to Minitaur. No problem
- Ch. 10 with CV, gate, velocity On outputs 1,2,3: No problem
- Ch. 11 with CV, gate, velocity On outputs 5,6,7: Plays on 1,2,3
- Ch. 12 with gate on output 4: plays on output 1
- CH. 13 with gate on output 8: .... Stoped testing at this point.

Then to I verified using Ableton live to see if the problem actually came from my cable. So I connected my computer to the FH-2 using the USB-C cable:
Same result. Dead Banana

Here is a picture of my setup in the editor:

Does anybody know what's wrong?
I'can't imagine that this feature may be impossible to implement at this point.
Actually I did forget to configure the "Base Output" according to the actual outputs on the FH-2.

So now I can tell: MIDIMATE eX, Octatrack and FH-2 work together as a charm
Rockin' Banana!
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