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Trouble updating FH-1 firmware
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Author Trouble updating FH-1 firmware
I'm trying to follow the steps for updating the firmware. I got the image.hex file on a USB stick, inserted it, turned on the FH-1. However the step where "LEDs A-H will flash alternately with LEDs 1-8." never happened for me. Is the FH-1 failing to recognize the USB stick, or what? I've tried running the resets in the reset menu. I'm currently trying to figure out how to send over sysex but I'm getting "Web MIDI status: No access to MIDI devices or your browser doesn't support WebMIDI API." errors so far, even when I run it from a downloaded HTML page.
Sounds like the FH-1 is not recognising the stick, or the file is not on in correctly.

Most likely you've not formatted the stick to FAT32.
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