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FH-2 and velocity control
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Author FH-2 and velocity control
New FH-2 owner here. I love the interface compared to the FH-1.

I'm trying to figure out how to tell the FH-2 what to do in terms of velocity. I've checked "velocity" for my MIDI channel n the web editor. So for the channel, for outputs on the FH-2, it's:

1: Pitch
2: Gate
3: Velocity

It is outputting velocity fine, but the FH-2 seems to "hold" that velocity as I let go of the key until I strike another key. Is there a way to get it to let up as I let up on the key?

I noticed what appears to be the same behaviour in the demo video for setting it up with a mono keyboard though of course there's no sound so I'm just going by the lights.

I'm planning to use it with a Linnstrument, which can output velocity channel pressure (aftertouch) or CC11.

I'm not a MIDI expert by any means, so I'm guessing it's me...

That's how velocity works. It's a key-down velocity, so only changes on key down.

If you want aftertouch, don't enable velocity, enable aftertouch.
Thanks, that seems to work. I see an option for "poly aftertouch" and am checking that, but should there be a box to check for regular aftertouch? It's blank there for me.
Per voice aftertouch is only enabled for MPE. Otherwise, you want the 'paraphonic' aftertouch.
Perfect, thanks.
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