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Seeking Pushbutton Switches like on WMD Orgone Acc. [SOLVED]
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Author Seeking Pushbutton Switches like on WMD Orgone Acc. [SOLVED]
1- Do you know which pushbutton switches were used on the WMD version of the Orgone Accumulator?
Not the DIY version where cap diameter is larger.

2- I guess all are DPDT latching except the one to select the effects which is DPDT momentary, is that right?
If yes if would mean they exist in latching and also in momentary version?
I need them to go through 3.2mm panel, and looking at the Orgone picture the switches that WMD used do not seem high enough for 3.2mm panels.

I was asking in another thread about switches for another project and I think they might be ok (5mm diameter is not bad) with the long 1RRED plastic cap, but I can't find any TL1105 as DPDT latch and DPDT momentary.

I will go through the references listed for the R1 plastic cap here. Might get lucky...
Not familiar with that module, but usually those are switch caps, which can be had in a variety of different diameters, colours and heights. They snap on a PC mount tactile switch, momentary/ latching is usually done in software.
Yes, as Jarno said, the switches come in two parts. The actual button/switch electrical component

And the "switch cap" which is just a piece of plastic that clips onto the button/switch.

These can be any color (great for making custom color themes, or function specific colors).

I took the ones above off the DIY BOM version of the Orgone Accumulator, but the process is the same for anything, and you can get "switch caps" in a variety of sizes and styles. "switch caps" or "button caps" are what you're looking for though. Then just mill your faceplate to fit.

Maybe these?

Hope that helps!
Thanks a lot for the help. Really cool.

I spent all day looking before asking here. I find it quite difficult to find the right one.

Fierball wrote:
And the "switch cap" which is just a piece of plastic that clips onto the button/switch.

Yeah these I have on the DIY version of the Orgone. Cap diameter is too large for what I want to do.

BTW, they show an out of stock SMD variante, but the ref is a through hole. And the datasheet link is dead since a long time. I notified back then to Mouser without any result.
Anyway under the cap the datasheet is available.
I didn't find any other cap looking online, not being sure if any will fit. Just the one they mention which in their datasheet which is too large (nearly 8mm diameter, while I look for 5mm max).

So I added one of these and of these 612-TL2201EEZB and 612-1RWHT in my next Mouser order to check if good.
Actually I was worried about the height of the button behind the panel, as the DIY one are 5mm high, but I'll see when I get them.
TL2201EEZB or TL2201OAZB (5mm diameter) are are too long with 1RBLK caps. Even for a 3.2mm thick panel d'oh!
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