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Connecting Buchla 200e and the computer
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Author Connecting Buchla 200e and the computer
I'm looking into ways to connect my 200e to my computer so that I can occasionally use interesting things like Numerology for sequencing or Ableton for arpeggios. Off the top of my head, I've come up with a few options and I wanted to know what you folks think (or do).

- DAW -> MIDI interface -> MIDI to CV converter -> Buchla
- Silent Way > DC-coupled audio interface -> Expert Sleepers eurorack -> Buchla
- DAW -> MIDI interface -> 225e -> Buchla

The 225e is probably the best option because of accurate pitch tracking but I don't have space for it. :(

There are lots of MIDI to CV converters. I have a CV.OCD that can be set up to do 1.2v/oct, for example.

225e all the way. Having the quad polyphony, internal routing of midi signals and all the cv outs is amazing and would be hard to replicate. I also use a Yamaha midi/Bluetooth dongle to wirelessly send midi to the 200e. Maybe post a pic of your system and get feedback on what could go to make room for it. Or get a bigger case wink
The 200e USB firmware card can also act as a MIDI interface for the 200e. Not as full featured as the 225, but it doesn't take any rack space, and is a useful enough thing to have anyway.

Maybe try that first and see how far it gets you?
I use the 200e USB firmware card as my MIDI interface and its outstanding! Rock solid in my B&A 24wls case. All OSCs tune to it and the 281e and 292e read triggers and velocity. I think I get up to 4 channels.

I'd heartily recommend it. Unless you need continuous controllers, then the 225 is the thing.
Thanks for the suggestions on the USB card. I ordered one from Noisebug. Even if it ends up not meeting my needs, I will still need it for firmware updates. smile
-10 points for me, USB card is definitely the right answer for your needs at this point!
Can you use the USB card for polyphonic playing? I have one but haven't been able to figure that out!
This is probably wishful thinking but, would the USB card pass MIDI to a BEMI 208 in LEM208 case, without a 218 present? The firmware slot exists at the side of the LEM208 suitcase.
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