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Mouser Support (slow email response)
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Author Mouser Support (slow email response)
Has anyone got any experience with using Mouser support?

They have clearly sent me wrong sized pots. I have sent them 4 emails via their "Resolve an Issue on My Order" form but have received no response after 2 working days. Seems slow?

So don't want to have to phone hong kong for $20 worth of pots.... Dead Banana
Mouser UK have been fine.
I don't know about email support, but once FedEx delivered my Mouser shipment to the wrong address. I called Mouser directly and they shipped out the same order that day. No questions asked.
Spring festival this week, My folks live in HK and things are going slowly there at the moment. Some offices are back tomorrow but things are back in ernest next week.

..::Edit for context::.. Mouser's Australian support is through the Hong Kong offices.
Just tried to phone and the message is "Office closed for the Holiday". Chinese new year I guess.. w00t
I had an issue with an order a few weeks ago and they were great - resent the whole order out again..
I emailed them once after a mistake on my side, they replied very quickly and they found a solution.
you might want to check this one:

third down is in.... Melbourne
I've had numerous bad experiences with Mouser support. They constantly send my packages via UPS, who can't deliver to my building, when i request and pay for it be shipped via USPS. It has happened on almost every order I have made and am given a different explanation of why each time. The customer service representatives have said they will fix it and never have. They have even told me I am wrong and USPS tried to deliver it when I have the UPS slip they left at the building. very frustrating
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