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UK Digitakt price jump
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Author UK Digitakt price jump
Hi folks,

Recently I’d been looking at getting an Elektron Digitakt or Digitone.
The UK prices had settled to ~£550 in the months leading up to the end of 2018.
In the last week or two I’ve seen two UK stores jump the price up to at least £610 over night. I’d check the price one evening (£548) and then the following morning (£610).

I did wonder if this was due to the weaker GBP because of uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and increased cost to restock.
But the Digitone has maintained the same price point.
Can’t help but feel a bit suspicious that this is to increase the gap between the new Model:Samples (~£400) and the Digitakt (previously ~£550, now ~£610).

Has anyone else noticed similar pricing changes in other countries?
At Musicstore Germany Digitone is EUR 625,- and Digitakt 611,-

At Thomann both go for EUR 699,-

I did not watch how prices developed but both are more or less the same price in each shop. Though the Moisturestore price is more like your GBP 550,- while the Thomann price is more like your GBP 610,-
I believe there has a been a price rise for some Elektron products.
I don't think this is currency/Brexit related.
Yep, probably because Model:Samples is the entry-level box now and Overbridge is almost there e/77741
Crikey, thought the price was high before
In November I bought a Digitone for 601€ from Bax Music (now it’s 626€), and a Digitakt from Thomann in December for 619€ (now it’s 699€).
They need to give us song mode! This is getting rediculous.. the competition is getting more and more fierce, they are worth the price if they can implement a song mode that can save pattern chains.. that's my opinion anyway.
It’s probably just down to fluctuating prices. It really pisses me off. All the big shops seem to go up and down at the same time. I’m a really careful buyer of gear and can mull over a purchase for a couple of months before pulling the trigger, when i have funds available things always seem to jump in price. My advice would be wait for it to come back down because they usually do. Thats unless you really ned to just have it
Lots of price variation going on with gear in the UK. For instance, the SE-02 ranges from £379 to £449, but can be bought new for as little as £328 occasionally. I assume Roland UK makes these specials available on a shop-by-shop basis to support the high-street network.
Agree, shop around. Musicstore and Jun seems to be stable in U.K. But Gear4Music seems to have hiked prices on things.
Their marketing team has indicated that the hype is still strong enough and they can cash in while they still can, before their inevitable demise.

They need to give us song mode! This is getting rediculous.

You must be new to this... The DT is not getting song mode because that could mean 10 less Octatrack sales, silly. You too can join the thousands of users getting ignored by Elektron, it's a lot of fun.
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