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Recommend a good mac Music software forum ?
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Author Recommend a good mac Music software forum ?
Dave Kendall
Apologies, but I don't know who else to ask except you lot. . .
( I don't get around much smile )

I'm having trouble getting an EMAGIC AMT8 to run on MAC OS 10.6.8 (it's not recognised at all)

Anybody know a good forum for older MAC software ?

Don't know if this is of help but...
Dave Kendall
Thanks mate smile - I did actually see that one, and had a look at the new software drivers link mentioned in the thread, but when attempting to install the latest driver software, the computer cheerfully informed me that "I don't need this upgrade" or words to that effect. Which is a bit odd.

It's a clean 10.6.8 install on a new disk, and with no other software installed, but the AMT8 doesn't show in the AUDIO MIDI panel within utilities - apparently the AMT8 should automatically be recognised . . .

It's not a USB cable issue, as when booting from another hard drive within the Mac pro (10.8) it recognises it straight away.
I had a further look and found this on Gearslutz. Maybe it will be of more help to you... thumbs up -compatible-macos-sierra.html
Dave Kendall
Hey Flipper - that worked - many thanks ! thumbs up

The MIDI drivers folder was empty, so putting the emagic midi driver in there worked after a boot up.

I've almost given up on Gearslutz, because of the signal to noise ratio, but I guess it does have its moments. . .

Thanks again. smile
You're welcome... thumbs up Glad I could help out.
Apple discussion boards are a waste of time. 90% of the time the "solution" you will be offered is "update everything to the latest version" because they all know that Apple magic fixes everything with updates.
Dave Kendall
Yes - from the browsing I've done recently, they certainly do seem to go that way. . .

I only need 10.6.8 to run one specific old piece of MIDI software, for two specific obsolete bits of kit, that I happen to find useful and unique.

Mac aren't the company they used to be - they now seem to champion form over function, and lose a steady stream of engineer-minded customers. But I don't think they care a toss about that. Pity.

A friend may finally end up succeeding in persuading me to go Linux, when my current mac pro finally craps out.
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